Rental Property or Airbnb Balance Sheet Template

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Use this free excel template to generate a balance sheet for your Airbnb or rental property business. This balance sheet template simplifies the balance sheet process by asking plain language questions and then a balance sheet will be generated from those inputs along with helpful tips about each line item.

Rental Property or Airbnb Balance Sheet Template

What is a balance sheet for a rental property business? A balance sheet for a rental property company is simply a report that displays the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity as of a specific date.  Assets would include the rental properties that you own, and liabilities would include any debt or mortgages associated with those rental properties.   You can also see an example balance sheet template for a generic for profit business to see the differences.

How is a balance sheet for a rental property business different from an existing business?  There is no real difference between a rental property balance sheet and a balance sheet for a traditional business; however, you might just have some different line items which we have highlighted in our customized rental property balance sheet template. 

How to create a projected balance sheet for a rental property or Airbnb business?  Since a balance sheet is a listing of the value of your assets and liabilities as of a particular date, in order to create a projected balance sheet  you will also need to create projected cash flow and income statements.  We have a full projected financial model for both an Airbnb business and a Rental Property business that will allow you to create up to 5 years of projected income, cash flow and balance sheets. 

Can I determine my cash flow projections with a balance sheet? No. Our balance sheet template will not allow you to determine cash flow potential, but we do have a Airbnb cash flow spreadsheet calculator that you can download for free to calculate potential cash flow.

What is included on a rental property balance sheet?  The following items may be included on an Airbnb balance sheet or rental property balance sheet:

Current Assets

Cash in bank

Accounts receivable


Prepaid expenses

Other current assets

Fixed Assets

Machinery & equipment

Furniture & fixtures

Leasehold improvements

Land & buildings

Homes, condos, units for rent

(LESS accumulated depreciation on all fixed assets)

Other Assets





Current Liabilities

Accounts payable

Taxes payable

Notes, short-term (due within 12 months)

Current part, long-term debt

Other current liabilities

Long-term Debt

Bank loans payable

Notes payable to stockholders

LESS: Short-term portion

Other long term debt

Owners' Equity

Invested capital

Retained earnings - beginning

Retained earnings - current

No items found.

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