Healthcare Financial Projection Templates

From dentists and healthcare provider offices to home healthcare and veterinarian clinics, we can help grow your practice. Browse the collection of healthcare financial modeling templates from ProjectionHub today!

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CPA Developed and Easy to Use Healthcare Projection Templates

Templates that are perfect for raising investment or applying for a loan when you need reliable projections quickly at an affordable price

Medical/Healthcare Provider Office

Template built for healthcare providers with a number of active patients all utilizing various services. Great for primary care, specialists, counselors, surgeons and more.

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Home Healthcare

Built to model the profitability and cash flow of a home healthcare business providing a variety of services from around the clock nursing care, to hospice, to companionship.

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Veterinarian Clinic

Forecast your financial results based on the number of patients (animals) under your care and the various services and price points that you provide.

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Dental Practice

Built to help a Dentist project a new startup dental practice or the acquisition of an existing dental office.

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Nursing Home & Assisted Living

Generate reliable projections based upon the ability to forecast various room and amenity types

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Pediatrician Office

Create financial forecasts for a new pediatric clinic.

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Chiropractor Practice

Generate financial forecasts for a new chiropractor practice.

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Urgent Care Clinic

Financial projection template for an urgent care facility.

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Optometrist Practice

5 year financial projection template for an optometrist practice.

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What's Inside Each Template?

  • Start Assumptions Input tab- Users provide information like projection start date, startup costs, and capital sources
  • Revenue Input tab - Users input information into the industry specific tab that will calculate their estimated revenue as well as their cost per sale or cost of goods sold
  • Operating Expenses tab - Users input their monthly operating expenses in categories as fixed amounts or as variable expenses
  • Salaries & Owner Draw tab - Users can input any salaried employees, planned future hires, and owner compensation
  • At-a-glance tab - This tab displays different charts, graphs, and tables that show things like break even, important ratios, revenue trends, use of funds, and more
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement 5 year Annual summary
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement 5 year Monthly Breakdown

How do the Projection Templates work?

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Industry Specific Financial Projection Templates
 Income Statement Projection Template

Fill out your projection template

Every template organizes the information into a few tabs, and all of the cells where your numbers are needed are highlighted to guide you along. Our team is standing by to offer help as you go.

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After you enter your information into the template, you can upload your file to our team and get a custom video of our experts walking through your projections with feedback so you can be sure they are ready.

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