SBA Loan Data Analyzer Tool

We built a tool that helps you filter through millions of SBA loans in order to find the perfect SBA lender for your unique situation

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Take a look and see what kind of helpful data and decisions you can gather using the SBA loan analyzer

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How Does This SBA Data Help?

Filter SBA loan data by state, industry, stage of business, and franchise in order to uncover the best SBA lender for you and some additional insights.

Find the Right Lender

The SBA loan data can be filtered to see what lenders are approving loans for businesses that look like yours. That way, you know where to apply!

Pick the Right Franchise

You can see which franchises are getting approved, where they are getting approved, and how much they are getting approved for.

See What's Getting Approved

Find out which of your competitors are getting approved for SBA loans

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