Real Estate Developer Financial Model Templates

As a real estate developer, you need reliable financial projections that can model complex deal funding structures, construction budgets, and occupancy estimates. Our CPA-developed real estate developer financial models will allow you to quickly and reliably produce comprehensive 10 year financial pro formas based on your unique funding and construction assumptions.

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CPA Developed and Easy to Use Real Estate Projection Templates

Simple and powerful financial model templates built specifically for real estate developers to do what they do best.

Real Estate Developer Templates Include:

Commercial Building Developer

Create a comprehensive set of detailed financial projections for a new commercial building development. Accurately plan your sources of funding, construction budget, and the projected performance of the commercial building.

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Multi Family Apartment Developer

Craft an all-encompassing suite of meticulous financial forecasts for an innovative multifamily apartment complex. Precisely strategize your funding resources, building expenditures, and the anticipated success of the residential community.

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Self Storage Facility Developer

Design an all-inclusive collection of in-depth financial estimations for a cutting-edge self storage facility venture. Skillfully orchestrate your funding channels, development expenses, and the expected accomplishments of the storage unit facilities.

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Strip Mall Developer

Produce detailed financial projections for a strip mall development project. Expertly arrange your financing avenues, construction costs, and the predicted performance of the retail center including the expected return for investors..

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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Swiftly construct financial forecasts for your commercial office acquisition venture. Our easy-to-use template generates pro forma statements derived from your unique income and expenses, making it perfect for your business plan, loan application, or investment presentation.

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Multifamily Apartment Acquisition Template

Conveniently produce financial projections for your multifamily apartment acquisition venture. Our user-friendly template crafts pro forma statements in line with your particular income and expenses, making it suitable for your business plan, loan application, or investor presentation deck.

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Storage Unit Acquisition Template

Generate precise financial projections for your self-storage facility acquisition effortlessly. Our tailored template is designed to provide pro forma statements based on your unique income and expenses, making it an ideal choice for your business plan, loan application, or investment pitch deck.

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Strip Mall Acquisition

Develop reliable financial projections for your strip mall acquisition project with ease. Our specialized template generates pro forma statements based on your specific income and expenses, making it an excellent tool for your business plan, loan application, or investment pitch deck.

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What's Inside Each Template?

  • Start Assumptions Input tab- Users provide information like projection start date, startup costs, and capital sources
  • Revenue Input tab - Users input information into the industry specific tab that will calculate their estimated revenue as well as their cost per sale or cost of goods sold
  • Operating Expenses tab - Users input their monthly operating expenses in categories as fixed amounts or as variable expenses
  • Salaries & Owner Draw tab - Users can input any salaried employees, planned future hires, and owner compensation
  • At-a-glance tab - This tab displays different charts, graphs, and tables that show things like break even, important ratios, revenue trends, use of funds, and more
  • Financing tab - This tab helps you calculate how much financing your project can qualify for and if your equity and debt funding is adequate to cover construction costs
  • Construction Budget tab - Input your planned construction cost categories and future asset expansions to calculate total budget costs
  • Distributions tab - Estimate investor returns and IRR based on your distribution schedule related to cash reserves and property performance
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement 10 year Annual summary
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement 10 year Monthly Breakdown

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 Income Statement Projection Template

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