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For complex financial models we provide financial modeling services to create custom financial projections that are bank and investor ready.
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Financial Forecasting Consulting

We are a small but mighty team of financial modeling consultants, and we have been helping startups and small businesses create investor and lender ready financial projections since starting the company in 2012. 

We specialize in creating custom financial forecast models for:

Tech startups looking to raise pre-seed, seed, and Series A funding

Small businesses looking to secure an SBA loan

Acquisitions of small businesses

Pitch decks and business plans

Since launching ProjectionHub we have completed more than 1,000 custom financial models for dozens of industries.  

Grace Cisna is our CPA and expert financial modeler taking on our most complex financial modeling projects.  Grace has a knack for quickly understanding a financial model and then translating it into Excel.  Grace is also our resident Excel expert, ask her about her favorite tricks in Excel! 
Adam Hoeksema is our Co-Founder and financial modeler.  Adam spent a decade as the Executive Director of an SBA lender, so he has a strong understanding of what SBA lenders are looking for in financial projections for a startup or acquisition SBA loan.  Adam loves to help clients ensure that their financial forecast is data driven and as realistic as projections can be.
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Tell us about your financial projection needs and your business. We create templates for a number of unique businesses including SaaS, eCommerce, home healthcare financial projections,  dispensary profit and lost statement templates, medical office sales projections and more!

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The Financial Forecast Model Process

Five simple steps

We start by asking you a number of questions about your business over email


We have a 30 minute phone call with you to ask additional questions and finalize the financial model design


We provide an initial draft of the integrated financial model which includes up to 5 years of reports


We refine the model based on your feedback

The model is finalized and provided in an Excel file that you can easily update and edit as you go

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Financial Forecasting Services

There are different types of financial modeling services that consultants can provide, but at ProjectionHub we focus on financial modeling for startups and small businesses that need projections in order to raise capital from investors or lenders.  Below is a deeper dive into different types of financial modeling services:

Startup financial modeling for startups & investors

Our most common financial projection consulting is building custom financial models for tech based startups that are looking to raise capital from potential investors.  We often start with one of our SaaS financial models or ecommerce financial models and then customize from there based on your specific plans and stage of business.  

We also work with a number of pitch deck consultants and designers to produce the pitch deck charts, tables and graphs needed for your deck along with the full financial model to back up the numbers in the slide deck.  Most of our clients are seeking to raise a pre-seed, seed, or Series A round of funding.   

Financial projections for SBA loans or other lenders

Another common financial modeling service that we provide is helping small businesses secure SBA loans and other small business loans.  For new businesses, the SBA will require a set of financial projections along with the loan application.  Some of our most popular categories of SBA loan projections include projections for restaurants and financial models for healthcare businesses like doctors, dentists, home healthcare and veterinarians among others.  

If you simply need someone to fill out one of our templates for you, we offer a template fill out service that can save you the time and headache of filling out our spreadsheet template.   

Financial forecast modeling for an acquisition of a small business

We also help create financial models for individuals and businesses that are looking to acquire another business.  If you are looking to get an SBA loan to acquire a business you will be asked to provide a set of financial projections.  We can take the existing financial data from the business you are looking to acquire and help integrate it into one of our projection templates.  From there we can help you tell the story of how you plan to improve the business by cutting costs and/or increasing revenue.  

Budgeting Services

Although we do not provide budgeting services directly at ProjectionHub, we have worked with a number of clients to customize our financial forecast templates to be able to generate budgets and budget to actual reporting. 

Financial planning and analysis 

Financial planning and analysis, often referred to as FP&A, is primarily financial modeling related activities within a larger organization.  According to Gartner

“Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a set of four activities that support an organization's financial health: planning and budgeting, integrated financial planning, management and performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling.”

We don’t provide FP&A services to larger companies because we love to focus on startups and small business financial forecasting.  If you are looking for an FP&A consultant, we recommend the following companies:

Paro - A marketplace of FP&A professionals that have been vetted by the Paro team. 

Upwork - Upwork is a great place to find all sorts of talent including FP&A consultants.

Toptal - Toptal is also a marketplace where you can find great FP&A talent.

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