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ProjectionHub+ is an all-inclusive financial projection solution by equipping business advisors and consultants with easy-to-use, reliable, and industry-specific templates for any business model and stage of business.
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Who's Using PH+?

Provide Clients with Comprehensive CPA-Developed Financial Modeling Excel Templates

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Who's Using ProjectionHub+?

A growing number of advisors and organizations are now using ProjectionHub+ across the United States and even internationally to serve their clients.

Business Advisors & Consultants

Business Consultants, Business Advisors, Coaches, Accountants, Attorneys, and more

Entrepreneur Creative Services

Pitch Deck Designers, Startup Branding services, Founder Resource Websites

Entrepreneurial Support Organizations

Accelerators, CDFIs, Microlenders, SBDCs, Investment Groups, Brokerages, and more

What's Included in ProjectionHub+

Wouldn't it be nice to have the perfect template available at a moment's notice to generate high quality and industry specific financial projections for a client? Plus, you'll have access to a team of projection experts to help along the way.

Get ready to help EVEN MORE businesses and startups with ProjectionHub+ at your disposal.

Check out this video to see how it works. And schedule a demo if you'd like to learn more before making a decision!

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  • Unlimited access to 80+ Industry-specific financial projection worksheet templates. Perfect for startups businesses.

  • Access to our powerful templates for forecasting existing businesses and acquisitions using historical data.

  • Access to any new templates and versions every month with no subscription increase.

  • Use our team to get template recommendations & expert reviews on any completed projections

  • All subscribers enjoy a 10% discount on any additional custom financial modelling services

A Model For Every Scenario

For every client business model and situation you encounter. New templates and tools are created every month and subscribers can request new industry models. Today there are more than 80 industry specific templates and 4 universal industry templates.

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Don't Worry, We'll be Here to Help

Our team is here to make sure your projections are in tip top shape.
+ Every template has a guided video
+ Our team can recommend templates for tricky models
+ Our team can review any completed projections
+ We're available to troubleshoot and tweak templates

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Templates Used by Real Advisors and Real Businesses

Over 50,000 happy businesses have used these templates and a growing list of advisors and consultants use them daily for their clients

"I find the templates are much easier to use than other solutions available to our clients!"

Angela Blackwell

Business Advisor

Templates are very user friendly and easy to navigate. Used the customer support twice and it has been AWESOME.

Brian Morris

Morris Brothers Investments

"Love the templates from ProjectionHub. Having the foundation of my financial projections already setup for my clients makes my life that much easier and, even better, means my clients get quality work from me in less time."

Jonathan Patrick

The Harold Louis Group

"GREAT resource! This product gave us the visibility we needed to make very important financial decisions."

Rick Araujo

Lifechangers Legacy

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access all of the templates?

After subscription, you'll be granted access to a private google drive where you can have untethered access to the templates as often as you'd like. Usage of the Drive is monitored to protect from any suspicious activity or unwarranted attempts to share the templates with non-subscribers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards and PayPal can be used to complete your annual subscription payment.

How often are new templates added?

Our team frequently upgrades existing templates to add more functionality as well as creating brand new industry templates and other tools. Typically there are new tools and updates created every month and they are automatically added to your folders for access. We accept recommendations and requests from subscribers if there are any industry templates they would like to see created.

Do the templates work in google sheets and other worksheet tools other than excel?

Yes! Although the templates were all built originally in excel, they do convert well to google sheets with 99.99% accuracy. Instructions to open the file in google sheets are included. Occasionally there may be a small hiccup in the template when in google sheets but we can always troubleshoot that for you quickly. Templates do work in Apple's Number tool, but we provide less support via that platform.

How many people or users can access the ProjectionHub+ subscription

The base ProjectionHub+ subscription is meant to be used by individual consultants and business advisors or small teams. We do have larger organizations and teams that utilize all of our templates but in those situations we create a custom license plan to ensure a fair rate for our team based upon the usage of the templates. If you wish to discuss an enterprise license or receive a quote from us, please contact us at We should also note, although the enterprise licenses come with an increased cost, we also offer training and custom branding options for your organization or agency.

What kind of support does ProjectionHub provide?

We support all our products 100% through email and video recording demonstrations. We’re available weekdays on live chat and phone 9-5 EST. Calls can be scheduled to discuss billing or potential custom modifications to any templates. For ProjectionHub+ subscribers, we can help recommend templates for tricky business models as well as review any completed projections you have if you'd like feedback or input from our team! Just contact us at with a relevant subject line.

Can I share the templates with anyone else?

No. The templates are to be used by you or your small team as a tool to provide a deliverable service to your clients rather than distributing the templates to other advisors or clients freely. If you have any questions about specifics related to the sharing policy, please contact us at

Can I sell the templates? 

No. You can not resell ProjectionHub templates. If you wish to become an authorized reseller or ProjectionHub affiliate, please contact us at

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