QofE Sniff Test

Whether you're a chef eager to acquire a restaurant, a hairstylist aiming to buy a salon, or anything in between, our Quality of Earnings "Sniff Test" is your key to understanding whether your deal makes financial sense earlier in the process.

Why Choose Our QofE Sniff Test?

Get Answers to Key Questions BEFORE you make an offer.

Typical Q of E services typically don't happen until after a Letter of Intent is signed. But with just a few pieces of information, we can answer some crucial questions like:

Should I even make an offer?

How much should I offer?

Can this deal qualify for an SBA loan?

How much seller note could/should I ask for?

Affordable Insight

Traditional QofE reports can cost between $5,000 to $35,000+ which is a steep price for small businesses before you are confident you want to buy. Our service, priced at under $1,000, provides a cost-effective option earlier in the process.

Quick Turnaround

Get your results in just two business days.


Our report includes revenue analysis, industry comparisons using IRS data, financing analysis including SBA eligibility, and a high-level valuation based on earnings and revenue multiples.

Seller Questions

We provide a list of critical questions to ask sellers, empowering you to make informed decisions before making an offer.

Expertise You Can Trust

Between Adam’s 10+ years of experience making SBA loans, Grace’s experience as a CPA building custom financial models for dozens of different industries, and the rest of our team’s experience helping thousands of customers - you can be sure you’re going to be taken care of!

Our Unique Approach

The "Sniff Test" is a unique service in that it can happen much sooner than a traditional Q of E process. With minimal information, we can save you time, energy, and money by lowering your transaction's risk and increasing your confidence.

Revenue Analysis

Understand if the business’s revenue is growing or shrinking and how it compares to industry norms.

Industry Comparison

We benchmark the seller's financials against industry averages, highlighting any discrepancies.

Financing Analysis

Assess whether the business supports SBA loan requirements and other financing options.

Valuation Insights

Get an overview of the business's worth based on industry data from platforms like BizBuySell.

Tailored Seller Questions

Armed with our report, approach sellers with confidence, asking the right questions to uncover any potential issues.

What Our Sniff Test Delivers

Our experts will provide a comprehensive spreadsheet report, custom video recording summary, and several key insights including:

We'll give you insight into how the seller's numbers compare to industry averages and which categories look “off”

Our team will help you gauge if the asking price seem reasonable based on average industry multiples

Based on seller’s financials, asking price, and projections; we'll assess if we think the deal qualify for an SBA loan

After we complete our review, we'll provide a list of key questions to ask the seller

Practical Insights

We don't just offer numbers; we provide interpretations that make sense to non-financial experts.

Cash Flow Projections

Understand future financial health with projected cash flow statements based on your inputs and industry standards.

Expense Analysis

Compare current and future expenses against industry benchmarks.

Overall Financial Health

Gauge the overall financial viability of the business, including working capital needs, purchase price, and debt service coverage ratio.

Sound Good? Let's Chat!

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QoE Sniff Test


Save money today & in the future by having our team perform a QoE sniff test on any potential small business acquisition!

Completed reports are typically delivered within 2 business day of payment & after collection of necessary information

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Industry Comparison
  • Financing Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Question List for Seller
    Custom Report
    Custom Expert Video Summary
  • 2 Business Day Completion