Pitch Decks & Projections: The Perfect Pair

A great pitch deck isn't complete without reliable and realistic financial projections. And numbers without a compelling story often fall flat. Together, they make a crucial pair for founders. While we focus on getting the projections right, we rely on some great partners to take care of the slide decks.

We Rely on a Few Good Friends

Many of the entrepreneurs that use our templates and services at ProjectionHub to create projections are also in search of some Pitch Deck resources. While we do not provide Pitch Deck services, it is important to us that our customers find what they are looking for and can trust they are in good hands.

Our Pitch Deck Partners

We believe you cannot go wrong with any of our great pitch deck partners. We've included a brief summary of each partner but encourage you to learn more and reach out to each one and find the best fit for you!


We are a different kind of pitch deck agency. We combine strategic thinking and creativity to drive fundraising success for our clients. We work on pitch decks ranging from angel to Series E, telling each company's story persuasively through clear messaging and custom designs for every slide.

  • Timeline: 1.5 days (express) to 3 weeks (standard)
  • Cost: $3.5K (deck upgrade) to $5K (deck creation)
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STORY Pitch Decks

STORY arms founders with powerful pitch decks that win investors and land funding. STORY offers done-for-you pitch deck services and self-paced online courses to help founders get backed. Clients that work with us have a 40x higher funding rate than the industry average.

  • Timeline: less than 2 weeks
  • Cost: $4k to $6k
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Launch Module

Launch Module is the World's leading Investor Pitch Deck and Investment Banking Pitch Book development and design agency. Based in New York and serving an international clientele, Launch Module presentations have resulted in capital raises exceeding $3 billion since 2009.

  • Timeline: less than 2 weeks
  • Cost: $3,500+
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Pitch Deck Coach

Most pitch deck consultants are really design consultants. They can make your deck look great, but a pretty deck is secondary to killer content. As a veteran founder, CEO, and CMO, I know how to craft a story that engages and delights investors. Content > Design.

  • Timeline: 2-4 weeks
  • Cost: $4-6k
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