Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys In Houston For 2022

August 22, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

As exciting as launching a new business is, it is a wilderness you should not attempt alone. Working with a startup lawyer from the start is key to ensuring your success. A lawyer practicing family law or personal injury is still a lawyer, albeit not the right kind of lawyer for starting a business—a business lawyer specializes in and understands business law. It is their task to help you get your business off the ground.

Let a Startup Lawyer in Houston Help You Navigate the Legal Journey

Texas is a great state for startups with easy-to-navigate and specific laws and regulations. Further, Texas does not impose corporate or personal income taxes, meaning you have more money to invest in your business and take-home pay for you and your employees. Houston prides itself on a fast and friendly business permitting process, which means you and your lawyer work less through red tape and barriers.

But, you must also protect yourself and your business with the help of a Houston startup lawyer. In general, there are four approaches to safeguard your company's activities:

  1. Policies and procedures to prevent problems from happening,
  2. Contracts to look after day-to-day business concerns,
  3. Insurance policies in the event of significant unforeseen risks, and
  4. Structural protections to prevent catastrophic events that will affect both your business and personal assets.

Each of these should have input from your lawyer to ensure you are legally protected—they are there to help you navigate the legal landscape and ensure your journey is as smooth as possible from day one. 

We've listed the top startup lawyers in Houston below to make finding a startup lawyer in Houston easier and start your business journey smoothly.

Weisblatt Law Firm

Weisblatt Law Firm focuses on providing clients with solution-focused counsel and aid. They help new firms with entity creation, trademark searches, and compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. Andrew Weisblatt has over 20 years of experience as a business lawyer. He has worked as in-house counsel and chief operating officer—he understands how organizations run from the inside and outside. As a startup attorney in Houston, the company offers personable and professional legal services to startups. They can help you with all your legal needs, from contract design and review to securities, employment, and labor law compliance.

Stephenson Fournier

Stephenson Fournier has decades of expertise dealing with the concerns, challenges, and opportunities that a business may face during its life. With this knowledge, they help startups plan for success and navigate incorporating a corporate entity to get them off to a good start. As a Houston startup lawyer, they offer one-of-a-kind solutions for each client's specific needs. This covers tax optimization, capital structure development, and difficulties relating to the management and control of the firm itself. Their attorneys work with their clients to advise them on potential difficulties and how to deal with them so that their clients may achieve their objectives.

Rapp & Krock

Individuals and small to medium-sized organizations will benefit from Rapp & Krock's dedication to facilitating effective commercial transactions while preserving their rights. Growing your business is excellent, and as a Houston startup lawyer, they will assist you in identifying possible concerns before they become serious ones that will cost you money. Through innovative solutions, they assist businesses in ensuring the legal protection of the business and the owner.

GK Law

GK Law, a Houston startup lawyer, knows the complexities of starting and sustaining a business. They also understand the complexities of legal issues and disputes that may occur inside a new firm. You will require sufficient legal assistance to preserve your interests. Their advice throughout the lawsuit process guarantees that you receive the legal representation you need. Their staff has vast experience studying and practicing law in Texas. They focus on the client and always keep their clients' best interests in mind by providing individualized attention.

Moster Craft PC

With over three decades of experience, Moster Craft, a startup attorney in Houston, has helped launch countless startup businesses. Their services include advising on the appropriate entity option for a new firm, preparing partnership agreements to avoid conflicts, registering your business name with the Texas Secretary of State through trademark protection, and developing, modifying, and advising on contracts. They also help startups with employment difficulties by coaching you through the nuances of the legislation. Examining leasing agreements to ensure you are protected and are not handing away your profit margin.

Fillipov Law Group, PLLC

Being a startup lawyer in Houston, Fillipov Law Group is well-versed in how startups work and can thus help their startup clients protect their business interests while reducing their personal risk. Their commercial lawyers assist and guide clients through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, corporate policies and procedures, as well as regulatory and compliance issues. Their corporate lawyers assist clients in a wide variety of industries, including construction, engineering, energy, IT, and healthcare sectors, and advise companies on their rights and duties within the framework of the law.

Curley Law Firm

Curley Law Firm is led by Adam Curley, a Houston startup lawyer. He assists business clients in planning, preserving, and protecting their assets. He brings a wealth of expertise to the table to provide the most acceptable legal advice to small and medium-sized firms and startup entrepreneurs. Building relationships with not only his clients but also with local judges, experts, and administrative employees in Houston and the neighboring towns and counties are at the core of his firm's mission. A downtown Houston location in The Heights makes meeting with clients and satisfying their legal and commercial needs simple.

Tri Nguyen Law Office PC

Tri Nguyen Law Office, a startup lawyer in Houston, offers complete legal counseling services to small business and entrepreneur customers. They help startups choose the optimal entity for their company endeavor, which results in the best liability protection, separation of personal and corporate assets, and tax benefits. Fixed pricing is a regular aspect of their company approach to assist clients in achieving the most outstanding potential result via honest and transparent communication. Fixed pricing also helps the client to plan their finances ahead of time.

Zavala Texas Law

A starting company package from Zavala Texas Law allows you to get your business up and to run while avoiding future legal issues. As a Houston startup lawyer, Zavala Texas Law enjoys dealing with new businesses and sharing ideas on how they can best assist you in enabling your business to expand while still being legally protected. This service includes assisting startups in selecting the correct business entity for their objectives, considering liabilities and tax benefits, and creating the incorporation papers to safeguard you.

Sutherland Attorney & Counsel

Tim Sutherland, the owner of Sutherland Attorney & Counsel, a startup attorney in Houston, specializes in business law. He helps new businesses establish a solid legal basis by ensuring your legal documentation is in place, protects your intellectual property, and drafts and amends legally binding contracts. Tim offers his clients specialized and innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals. Tim understands the Texas business law landscape, and you can be confident that he will assist you in protecting your company's interests.

Final Thoughts on Why You Need a Startup Lawyer in Houston

Because business lawyers are trained in the law and understand the wording of the law, which may sometimes seem ambiguous to us, they are the best people to advise you on legal matters. Don’t try and navigate the legal landscape yourself. Get a startup lawyer in Houston to help you and save money in the long run by doing it right from the start.

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