Free 1 Year Financial Projection Template

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Free 1 Year Pro Forma Template

Download our 12 months financial projection template for free.  This tool will allow you to:

  • Forecast startup costs
  • Project your first 12 months of product or service revenue
  • Forecast your operating expenses
  • Add Salary Forecasts for your employees

Once you have input all of your own assumptions, you will be able to generate:

  • 12 month pro forma income statement
  • 12 month cash flow forecast
  • 12 month balance sheet projection
  • Basic graphs and charts

This free financial model is industry agnostic.  If you need an industry specific financial model you can check out ProjectionHub’s premium pro forma templates.  

Below you will be able to see some examples of the input and outputs of the projection spreadsheet. 

Financial Model Input Examples

Below you will be able to see examples of the input tabs for startup costs, fixed assets, revenue, operating expenses and salaries. 

Example of Startup Cost Forecast

The financial model input assumptions tab will include general assumptions and startup costs like your fixed assets like buildings, equipment, leasehold improvements and vehicles.  On the input assumptions tab you will also be able to include startup cost assumptions like initial inventory. 

12 Month Revenue Forecast Example

Our revenue assumptions tab will allow you to forecast your number of customers, the products or services they purchase, the purchase price and the percentage of total units sold represented by each product. You can see a quick example of our revenue model below:

Startup Operating Expense Projections Example

You can enter in your operating expense projections for your startup in the table below.  It will allow you to add expenses as a fixed monthly expense or a percentage of revenue. 

Startup Salary Forecasting Example

The last input tab is our salary forecast assumptions.  You can set a salary, employer taxes, benefits, the month the employee starts and ends, and the number of the particular employee.  

Projection Template Output Examples

Our free financial model spreadsheet will produce 12 months of income statement, cash flow and balance sheet projections.  You can see examples of each of these outputs below along with some of the basic charts and graphs that will be included. 

Example of a 12 Month Pro Forma P&L

Below you will see an example of our income statement pro forma output. 

Cash Flow Forecast 12 Month Example

Next you will see an example of our cash flow forecast output with cash from operating activities, financing and investing activities. 

Balance Sheet Forecast Example for 12 Months

The balance sheet forecast output will include 12 months of forecasted assets and liabilities as seen below:

Pro Forma Graphs

Finally, our free template includes a profit and loss at a glance, a monthly sales forecast and graph to display monthly sales, gross profit and net income.  

If you are needing a more tailored template to your industry as well as 5 years of projections, we have 57 different industry templates to choose from as well:

Examples: Restaurant, Trucking, SaaS, Airbnb, Brewery, Dentist, etc.

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