Free 1 Year Financial Projection Template

This template will help users create 1 year of financial projections for their startup company using some generic assumptions

While not customized to your specific industry, this tool will help collect basic data to help you understand your startup costs, how much revenue you will generate, how profitable you will be in your first year, and more. Users will have a completed 1 year projected income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet upon filling out the template.

Users will start by entering some assumptions including starting inventory balance, value of personal investment, fixed assets to be purchased, and any loans you plan to secure for funding.

The revenue structure of this free 1 year projection template focuses on selling a product or service, how many units you plan to sell, how much it costs you to produce each unit, and how quickly will your sales grow each month.

You will then be able to enter all of your operating expenses as either fixed or variable expenses so we can calculate your profitability in year one. Lastly, you will be able to include any salaried employees and their compensation structure which will pass through to the financial statements.

If you are needing a more tailored template to your industry as well as 5 years of projections, we have 57 different industry templates to choose from as well:

Examples: Restaurant, Trucking, SaaS, Airbnb, Brewery, Dentist, etc.

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