Salon Sales Calculator

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Salon Sales Calculator

Calculate how much money you can generate as a salon owner or a hair stylist using ProjectionHub's free Salon Sales calculator tool.

Salon Sales Calculator

Calculate how much money you can generate as a salon owner or a hair stylist using ProjectionHub's free Salon Sales calculator tool.

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How Much Can a Salon Owner Make?

Free calculator tool to help project how much revenue you can generate as either an independent hair stylist or the owner of the salon!

With our salon sales calculator you can easily calculate how much revenue a stylist can generate per week.  The calculator will also work well for calculating revenue potential per nail technician or barber.  You will be able to enter in assumptions like:

  • Number of hours worked per day per stylist
  • Days worked per week
  • Prices for various services like a cut and color or pedicure
  • Average time it takes to complete each service
  • What percentage of appointments are for each type of service

Based on these assumptions, our calculator will forecast the weekly income per stylist.  

You can see how the template works in the video demo below:

Salon Sales Forecast FAQs

We put together a list of frequently asked questions that we researched and found answers to help you fill out the salon sales forecast tool.  These questions will also help you understand the capacity and potential revenue that one stylist can generate.   

How Much Profit can a Salon Generate?

A salon can generate a profit margin of 9 to 10% according to

In order to calculate how much profit your specific salon concept can generate, use our Salon Financial Model to forecast your profits.

How long does the average salon appointment take?

The average salon appointment takes 1 to 3 hours.  

This really depends on the specific service.  We found the following:

  • A woman’s haircut typically takes 30 to 45 minutes according to
  • A cut and color typically takes 90 minutes according to Quora
  • For salon appointments with long hair, highlights, lowlights, multiple colors, or hair extensions you could spend up to 3 hours for a salon appointment. 

How much does a men’s haircut cost?

The average cost of a men’s haircut is $29 according to Styleseat

How much does a woman's haircut cost?

The average woman’s haircut costs $53 in the United States according to You Probably Need a Haircut

How much does a cut and color cost?

The average cut and color costs $80 according to Fash

The price for a cut and color can range from $60 to $150, but the average cost is roughly $80. 

How much does a hair stylist make?

The average hair stylist in the U.S. makes $16 per hour according to Ziprecruiter

It is possible to generate significantly more revenue as a hair stylist than $16 per hour.  Using our salon calculator you can forecast how much you can make personally as a hair stylist.  You can see a portion of the calculator below:

What is the typical commission percentage for a hair stylist?

The typical commission rate for a salon stylist is 30 to 50% of the price of the service according to Zomli

What is the average booth rent at a salon?

The average weekly booth rent at a salon is $400 according to MiladyPro

What percentage of salon revenue comes from product sales?

The average salon will generate between 5 and 25% of revenue from retail product sales according to Salt Society Education.

What should I include in my salon business plan?

Our salon business plan template includes an Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Business Description, Marketing     and Sales Strategies, Menu of Services and Pricing, Operational Plan and Financial Plan.

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