Restaurant Balance Sheet Template

The restaurant balance sheet excel template used is unique because it collects your data inputs as answers to simple questions rather than you having to remember exactly where each number should go on a balance sheet. Plus the template will tell you automatically if your balance sheet balances or not!

Restaurant Balance Sheet Template FAQs

What should be included on a restaurant balance sheet?

A restaurant balance sheet should include your assets, liabilities, and equity.  As an example, a restaurant should include the following line items in each section of the balance sheet:

Restaurant Assets

  • Cash
  • Checking accounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures

Restaurant Liabilities

  • Accounts Payable (bills to vendors and suppliers)
  • Credit cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Business loans


  • Amount that you or others have invested into the business
  • Retained earnings - the cumulative amount of profit you have earned over the life of the restaurant

Check out this article to see an example restaurant balance sheet

How to handle gift cards on a restaurant balance sheet?

Gift cards for a restaurant can be a wonderful cash flow tool.  You can receive the cash up front when you sell the gift card and only incur the food cost and labor cost when the gift card is redeemed (if it is redeemed at all).  Gift cards create a bit of a complication with your restaurant accounting though!  The dollar amount of any unused gift cards should be tracked and recorded as a liability on your balance sheet.  

How to prepare a balance sheet for a restaurant?

Preparing a balance sheet for a restaurant might seem easy at first because you just need to list your assets, liabilities, and equity, but what happens when your balance sheet doesn’t balance! Don’t worry you are not alone, it is tough to get a balance sheet to balance. In this video I walk you through the process of creating a balance sheet for your restaurant and even problem solve with you when your balance sheet doesn’t balance.

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