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Download our Freemium SaaS revenue model template for free.  You can use the spreadsheet to create sales projections for a SaaS business with a “freemium” or free trial based model.  The template will work for both B2C and B2B SaaS Freemium revenue models. Key features include:

  • Works in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Freemium SaaS Revenue Model for 12 months
  • Easily adjust the length of the free trial period
  • Video walkthrough of the freemium revenue model

The freemium SaaS sales forecast template gives you a sneak preview of the full Freemium SaaS Financial Model. 

Freemium SaaS Sales Projection Template FAQs

How long is the typical SaaS free trial period?

According to UserPilot a 14 day free trial is typical for a SaaS product.  If it takes much longer than 14 days for a user to find value in your product, then a freemium SaaS model might not be a good fit for your business.  You might be better off locking in annual contracts and providing onboarding support to new customers. 

What is a typical conversion rate from free trial to subscriber in SaaS?

This can vary dramatically depending on whether a customer has to opt-in to subscribe after a free trial, or if they have to opt-out of the subscription.  According to UserPilot a free trial to opt-in subscription conversion rate averages 25% whereas an opt-out conversion rate can average 60%.  

What is the typical conversion rate of a website visitor to signing up for a free trial?

According to InnerTrends, freemium SaaS businesses can expect 2% of visitors to convert into a free trial user. 

Are there examples of the freemium SaaS business model working with B2B SaaS?

There are many B2B SaaS companies that have successfully utilized a freemium model.  Slack is known for allowing internal staff to start using Slack for free and then moving up the food chain to sell the entire department or company on a Slack subscription.  One of my favorite B2B SaaS tools, Formstack, has a free trial period as well that gives you an account with limitations for free. 

Custom Saas Financial Models

For SaaS revenue models that don’t match our freemium SaaS sales projection template, we do build custom SaaS financial models for SaaS startups looking to raise capital.  We can build a sales model that reflects your specific plans and structure that can help you finalize your pitch deck for pitching investors. 

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