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Download the free spreadsheet template to project revenue for a mobile or web app.  The template includes a customer or user acquisition section and then allows you to add revenue from subscriptions, in app purchases and ads. Key features include:

  • Works in Excel and Google Sheets
  • A monthly sales projection for 1 year
  • Video walkthrough of the mobile app revenue model

Compatible with our premium 5 year Mobile App Financial Model.

Mobile App Sales Projection Template FAQs

How much does it cost to acquire a download of a mobile app? 

According to Statista, the average cost to acquire an app download was $3.52 in 2019. 

What percentage of mobile app downloads turn into active users? 

User retention for a mobile app is tough.  Upland Software found that 3 months after a user downloads an app, only 29% of users are still engaging with the app on a regular basis. 

What percentage of users spend money on in-app purchases? 

According to Invespcro, only 5% of app users will spend money on in-app purchases. 

What should be included in a mobile app business plan?

Our mobile app business plan template includes the following sections - Market Research, Business Model, Projections, and Marketing Plan

Mobile App Financial Modeling Services

For apps that don’t quite fit into our web and mobile app sales forecast template, we love building bespoke financial models for all sorts of tech startups. Let us know how we can build the perfect model for your needs!

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Great templates! Very helpful Makes life much easier No point in re-inventing the wheel when you have all these templates at your disposal
Ben Fall
I have been looking for just this type of template for quite some time. It helped me get a better idea of the potential of this business without me having to do the math. I know that I am still estimating the basic buildout costs but it is a much better picture and much easier to share with prospective investors. I consulted the support and was very impressed with how the response was handled...a customized video directly addressing my questions.
Jann Boggs
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