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Download our ad based revenue model template for free.  Create up to 12 months of sales projections for a mobile app, web app, game, newsletter, podcast, or any other ad supported business model.  Model your user acquisition, average ad impressions per user, and your CPM rates to ultimately create your sales forecast.  Key features in our CPM revenue model include:

  • Works in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Up to 12 months of sales projections for your ad supported startup
  • Video walkthrough to demonstrate how to create sales projections

Ad based Startup Sales Projection Template FAQs

What are typical CPM rates for different types of ads?

According to TopDraw, the average CPM rate for online advertising in 2021 was $3.45 compared to over $22 for traditional advertising CPM rates. 

Are CPM rates going up or down?

Business of Apps reports on CPM rates and shows that CPM rates have been on a rocky ride around COVID, but as of April 2022 Facebook CPM rates were at $12.40.  In the last two years Facebook has seen a range in CPMs from $8.80 in March of 2020 up to $17.60 in November of 2021. This should give you some context on a range of CPM rates that you can expect. 

What are examples of successful ad supported startups? 

There are many examples of ad supported businesses.  Some of the largest examples include Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Of course there are many smaller businesses like podcasts, content websites, newsletters, games, and mobile apps that are ad supported. 

Financial Modeling for Ad Based Startups

For revenue models that don’t quite fit into our ad based sales forecast, we can create custom financial models for startups with an advertising supported business model.  Just reach out if we can help!

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