Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Detroit for 2022

November 7, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Michigan is quickly becoming one of the USA's most important and dynamic technology hubs. Detroit is emerging as a significant destination for startups involved in the technology, space building, and innovation fields in and around the Detroit metro.

Why a Startup Lawyer in Detroit Is Important

A startup lawyer in Detroit can assist you in developing clear and comprehensive privacy policies for your e-commerce operations. Unfortunately, whether intentional or unintentional, privacy and data breaches can occur and potentially harm your business. A Detroit startup lawyer will assist you in staying ahead of privacy issues to ensure that you are protected against breaches by advising you on

  • Anti-spam compliance strategies;
  • Work with you to develop a strategy for collecting and protecting personal information from customers while adhering to the law; and 
  • Strategies to protect your business's data against breaches through non-disclosure and non-compete agreements and litigation in case of an intentional breach.

Detroit is quickly becoming a hub for innovators and tech startups; you'll need a startup lawyer in Detroit who will assist you in protecting intellectual property rights and maximizing them. Your intangible assists, or ideas, need to be protected through patent filings, trademark registrations, and copyright registrations. Failing to do so or trying to do it yourself can lead to losing the rights to your intellectual property and even litigation against you—although you are the rightful owner.

If you are seeking a startup attorney in Detroit, we have listed the top ten startup lawyers and attorneys in Detroit to get your ideas protected and off the ground.

  1. Miller Canfield

Miller Canfield provides clients with a highly driven, entrepreneurial, proactive, and responsive startup attorney in Detroit. They help technology-based businesses, owners, and investors with all their legal needs, from formation to venture funding to dispute resolution and license requirements. Their firm will provide practical and productive representation and advice on your technology-related challenges. They can also assist you with financing and connect you with venture capitalists within their network.

  1. Maxwell Dunn Law PLC

Through cutting-edge technology, Maxwell Dunn Law provides clients with a startup lawyer in Detroit who values clear communications and efficient case management. They believe in open communication and regular updates to inform you of all developments. Their primary focus is on you and your company's goals, assisting you to prevent legal difficulties before they occur and creating improved business procedures to capitalize on possibilities. The firm's detail-oriented approach prioritizes your demands to give you a faster response time and reduced prices without sacrificing quality. 

  1. Marsalese Law Group PLLC

As a Detroit startup lawyer, Marsalese Law Group offers startups top-tier services across the spectrum of legal, business, and financial matters. The needs of startups are at the core of their operations, and they offer a wide range of services to help startups grow and prosper. Their services cover entity formation, financing, and agreements between clients, employees, and vendors. They'll help you understand industry regulations, resolve disputes, and assist you when threatened with litigation. They will also help you prepare to attract capital investment and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

  1. Brown Borkowski & Morrow

Brown Borkowski & Morrow has a distinguished history as a startup attorney in Detroit of achieving the best possible results for their clients through a customized and results-oriented approach. They provide excellent legal assistance to startups and may advise you on the correct entity for your business, create employee contracts and handbooks, and tend to other personnel problems. They'll also aid you with annual reports, corporation minutes, and annual meeting paperwork. The firm can also assist and represent you when your business faces litigation issues.

  1. Harp Law

As a Detroit startup lawyer, Harp Law offers you a pragmatic legal company with a pulse on the shifting business and commerce landscape in the digital era of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. As a result, they are constantly searching for methods to decrease inefficiencies in their operations, reduce client expenses, and keep clients more informed. They provide each client with a unique solution to meet their business's needs most effectively and efficiently as possible. They seek to help you build, sustain, and protect your business through sound legal advice to ensure you have a solid legal foundation.

  1. Aidenbaum Schloff and Bloom PLLC

Aidenbaum Schloff and Bloom offers clients a startup attorney in Detroit who combines creativity and expertise to meet the needs of any business client. They invest time in your business to understand your needs to guide you through the laws and regulations of starting a business. Their attorneys have extensive expertise working for well-known national and regional clients at top Detroit law firms and in real-world business contexts. The team provides complex, high-quality work for a fraction of the price of larger organizations. Furthermore, they'll collaborate with you to design price arrangements that are affordable, flexible, and innovative.

  1. Butzel Long

Butzel Long goes beyond a mere client-lawyer relationship—they believe in providing a level of service that forms a partnership between you and your startup lawyer in Detroit, focusing on delivering results and success. Their team will assist, advise, and draft your startup's documentation. They will also draft, negotiate, and prepare commercial documents ensuring you trade legally within state and federal regulations and laws. They help startups and entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for long-term success through sound legal advice.

  1. Kaufman, Payton & Chapa

As a Detroit startup lawyer, Kaufman, Payton & Chapa works with businesses to resolve their daily legal challenges through cost-effective and creative legal representation. They deal with various legal issues, from entity selection and formation to resolving potential legal issues. Their lawyers can help you grow your business by purchasing or selling assets and stocks and drafting the necessary agreements. In addition, the firm will advise you on employment law issues such as employee contracts, non-compete agreements, employee training, and employee handbooks. 

  1. Varnum LLP

Varnum LLP, a Detroit startup lawyer, serves as counsel to investors and entrepreneurs, assisting investors by reducing legal costs and ensuring deals are adequately structured. You can rely on them to help you raise capital by advising you on the best entity for your business and assisting you with founder agreements, investor relations, acquiring top-tier talent, contract drafting and negotiating, and intellectual property protection. Their staff are personable with a high work ethic and provides clients with industry-specific legal advice gained through their experience in the industry.

  1. Bodman PLC

As a startup lawyer in Detroit, Bodman PLC partners with you to determine the best business structure for your business, secure and negotiate equity or debt financing, handle employee and independent contractor issues and develop an intellectual property strategy to protect your business's assets. They understand your business's non-legal, commercial, and strategic aspects as legal advisors and offer practical, down-to-earth advice to enhance your future success. They also assist you in connecting with the resources you require to grow and succeed. 

A Detroit Startup Lawyer Is Your Business's Best Investment

When your startup lawyer in Detroit introduces you to a financier or venture capital company in their network, they will need a business plan that includes your financial predictions. Instead of attempting to figure it out independently, you can rely on our devoted team at ProjectionHub to assist you. Our Excel-based financial projection templates were created with you in mind—we've done all the groundwork so you can fill in the blanks and generate financial predictions to back up your unique ideas and receive the funding you deserve.

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Adam is the Co-founder of ProjectionHub which helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and internal business planning. Since 2012, over 50,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have used ProjectionHub to help create financial projections.

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