Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Toronto for 2022

September 13, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

A startup lawyer in Toronto will be one of your most significant partners as a new business owner. They will ensure that you are appropriately protected, offer advice and insight, and assist you in remaining in compliance with local and national regulations.

Should I Hire a Startup Lawyer in Toronto?

Hiring a startup lawyer in Toronto is crucial to ensure you are legally protected—not only your business but also your ideas and products. Trying to interpret the law without the help of a startup attorney in Toronto is one of the worst decisions you can make. They will assist you with all kinds of matters, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Following regulatory frameworks and acting inside them. Your Toronto startup lawyer will assist you in developing compliance and risk management plans to reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit or will represent you in a thorough response when you are faced with one.
  • Your Toronto startup lawyer has the experience to link you with possible investors in their networks and can also assist you with transactional guidance when necessary to guarantee you meet your objectives.
  • A startup attorney in Toronto can assist you with intellectual property rights so that you may realize the maximum value of your discoveries without fear of losing intangible assets and the earnings connected with them. 

We have done the hard work for you by seeking out the top startup lawyers in Toronto—there is a firm for everyone's needs in our list below.

  1. Fauri Law

As a startup lawyer in Toronto, Fauri Law can help you make sound business and legal decisions at every stage of your company's life cycle. Their membership program provides Canadian businesses with affordable, continuous legal support. A low monthly subscription cost provides you access to contract reviewing, free access to legal templates, a 25% preferred member discount, and consultations with their attorneys. Utilize a free first appointment to get to know them and understand how they can assist you in customizing your legal services.

  1. Devry Frank Smith LLP

Devry Frank Smith recognizes that the ever-increasing pace of technology has generated new hurdles for entrepreneurs, and navigating today's complex legal environment can be difficult. As a Toronto startup lawyer, their answer is to help your company through its complete life cycle, from inception through funding, commercialization, and eventually opening your company up to public stock options, sale, or another exit plan. They also specialize in assisting entrepreneurs in raising finance and safeguarding their intellectual property. 

  1. McMillan

McMillan's specialist team provides startups with flexible, agile, and customized legal services that meet the demands of your business at a competitive price. They work with you to understand your company's specific needs. Despite being a national Canadian business law practice, they provide entrepreneurs with a startup lawyer in Toronto that you can rely on for their large knowledge pool to provide unique solutions. You gain access to a specialized legal staff who looks after your business in addition to a no-cost first consultation to assist you in personalizing your legal needs.

  1. O'Neill Moon Quedado LLP

O'Neill Moon Quedado provides reliable guidance to entrepreneurs throughout the life cycle of their firm. This includes legal counsel to defend you and assist you with commercial, strategic, and financial planning. As a Toronto startup lawyer, the firm has vast expertise in starting and successfully expanding an international digital company concentrating on office productivity software, managing private equity institutions that have directed, financed, and managed companies, and dealing with venture capital terms and conditions.

  1. Brauti Thorning LLP

Brauti Thorning provides customers with a tech-savvy but startup-friendly startup attorney in Toronto. They provide companies with a full-service and continuous legal assistance staff that combines business and legal experience to assist your startup's growth and evolution. Their staff stays up to date on the newest technological breakthroughs, allowing them to provide you with personalized service that is suited to your specific needs. Their attorneys have extensive expertise in acquisitions and restructurings, allowing them to provide you with innovative management ideas to assist you in modernizing your company.

  1. Workly Law

Workly Law connects entrepreneurs with a Toronto startup lawyer who specializes in employment law. They will provide you with the resources you require to build your team while preserving your interests. Their services include writing employment contracts and hiring letters, advising you on employee incentive schemes, developing remote and workplace work practices that benefit both you and your employees, and, if necessary, representation in employment disputes. The organization will also help you with employment regulations and maintain compliance with the Ministry of Labour's standards.

  1. Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright, ranked among the world's best legal firms in over 50 locations worldwide, provides entrepreneurs with a startup lawyer in Toronto with cost-effective and strategic legal help. Their experience spans a wide range of industries, including but not limited to life sciences, healthcare, CleanTech, and information technology, including artificial intelligence and FinTech. They assist startups by providing high-level expertise at flexible pricing and a fixed-fee model, forming a relationship pipeline among enterprise, investor, and startup clients to achieve business goals, and providing access to global resources.

  1. Dolgin Professional Corporation

Dolgin Professional Corporation provides startup clients with a startup attorney in Toronto who has more than two decades of experience in assisting startups at every stage of their business journey. Through dynamic and highly responsive advice, you can manage your business better with their client-centered approach. They offer a host of business law services to startups to ensure they can trade legally from day one. Through their detailed analyses, common sense advice, regular communication, and solid project management, you can achieve your goals. Through their extensive network of professionals, you can access multidisciplinary professionals, mentors, and intermediaries to assist your business throughout its evolution and growth.

  1. Falcon Law

As a Toronto startup lawyer, Falcon Law takes pleasure in collaborating with and supporting local startups. They understand your worry about prices because they are business owners themselves. Thus, they provide flat-rate rates and packages, flexible arrangements, and virtual meetings as some of the ways they save expenses that are directly passed on to you. They may help you with a variety of issues, including employment, real estate, operating lawfully inside regulated sectors, fundraising and equity, and internet data and privacy settings and policies.

  1. Minden Gross LLP

Minden Gross offers their customers a startup lawyer in Toronto who will assist them in anticipating the future to thrive in their enterprises. Their highly trained business lawyers will assist you in preparing and registering your firm, as well as growing and selling it when the time comes. Your goals are essential to them, and their practical and results-oriented approach will assist you in achieving them by assembling the strongest overall team to assist you from their internal pool of talent. They provide a full variety of legal services to startups, as well as rapid, competent, and cost-effective solutions to help your business thrive.

Protect Your Business and Hire a Toronto Startup Lawyer from the Start

We examined the top ten startup lawyers in Toronto and how each can help you with legal concerns from the beginning of your firm through its expansion and growth into an empire. However, if you don't understand your money, your plans will fail. We have created financial projection templates to assist you in understanding your projected income and bills. Our templates are simple to use and cover over sixty different types of businesses.

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Adam is the Co-founder of ProjectionHub which helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and internal business planning. Since 2012, over 50,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have used ProjectionHub to help create financial projections.

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