Top 9 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Silicon Valley for 2022

September 1, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

When you start a new business, common sense will tell you not to take on the task without a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley by your side. In simple and inexpensive matters or failing to protect your intellectual property these matters can quickly become a legal battlefield, and you could lose your business. 

The Value of a Silicon Valley Startup Lawyer

Without the required registrations or failing to draft agreements and contracts, your firm may lose essential legal rights to your products. Sometimes the text of a contract must be changed because it provides undesirable provisions that might expose you to significant legal dangers. You can avoid these complications when engaging a Silicon Valley startup lawyer.

A Silicon Valley startup lawyer is familiar with safeguarding your intellectual property rights. Finding a potential investor or venture capitalist might be demanding in Silicon Valley since there's an abundance of great innovators like you. Your startup attorney in Silicon Valley can make these crucial introductions. You and your ideas will receive the necessary financial backing while having the peace of mind that you have followed the proper legal processes and have legitimate financial backing.

Finding a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley is simple—we've gathered a list for you to select from below.

  1. Grellas Shah LLP

Grellas Shah has a specialized staff that can assist you with your startup and venture capital needs. They take pleasure in being trusted advisers and appreciate all client relationships because clients deserve to be treated with respect. As a startup attorney in Silicon Valley, the firm has been a part of the startup environment for decades and understands the legal problems that businesses may encounter. The business offers a full spectrum of startup-related services. They also provide investment guidance to entrepreneurs and founders and examine investment transactions. When founder disagreements arise, the team will assist you in resolving them or finding a solution that works for everyone.

  1. Silicon Valley Law Group

With an experienced startup attorney in Silicon Valley, such as Silicon Valley Law Group, you can be confident that all elements of your company's life cycle are taken care of from the beginning. They will assist you with tailored formation documents, agreement and contract preparation and negotiations, and protecting the legal rights of your intellectual property. Other services include advising you on the correct entity for your company and the tax consequences and formally registering your company with the appropriate authorities. When you're ready to move on, they can help you devise an exit plan or advise on mergers and acquisitions. Their staff will carefully negotiate the most satisfactory legal agreement for you and advise you on any potential issues.

  1. Pacific Crest Law Partners

Pacific Crest provides technology customers with a Silicon Valley startup lawyer providing superior service that prioritizes the interests of all clients, large and small. They recognize that businesses encounter legal challenges daily due to their trade participation and require contracts to protect them legally. Thus, they assist you with tech transfer, SaaS, and commercial agreements to protect your rights. Pacific Crest also helps its clients comply with regulatory requirements and stay compliant. Their services include tailored advice on various topics such as corporate law, taxation, commercial, employment, and intellectual property law. Their staff will be there for you every step of the journey, acting as a legal soundboard and offering hands-on advice.

  1. Wojcik Law Firm PC

Wojcik Law Firm offers a comprehensive array of flat-fee solutions tailored to aid startups on a tight budget. The idea is to balance your needs and the requirement to organize your new firm wisely. Furthermore, the firm provides startups with reusable templates for their board and stakeholder meetings and a comprehensive library of documents covering all sorts of agreements you may need for your business, written and maintained by a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley. Other services include intellectual property protection, employment contracts, startup law advice, and company entity registration.

  1. Buchalter

Buchalter is a startup attorney in Silicon Valley who supports tech businesses via extensive expertise, teamwork, and a passion for your firm. Their attorneys can assist you in structuring and evaluating a seed, angel, or venture capital financing transaction. Buchalter also counsels technology firms on corporate organization, structure, and registration to meet legal requirements. They recognize the significance of intellectual property and provide customers with thorough strategic consultation and assistance in managing the complete range of intellectual property transactions, licensing, and other commercial agreements. They can prosecute violators of your patent and trademark rights in domestic and foreign markets when necessary.

  1. Coda Law Group LLP

The devoted staff at Coda Law Group has decades of expertise assisting firms selling corporate SaaS, hardware, software, and media and negotiating numerous deals. They offer legal services with you in mind—their entire philosophy emphasizes providing you with the information you need to make informed legal judgments by taking the time to understand your business. As a Silicon Valley startup lawyer, they deal with startups and provide different price arrangements that meet your company's needs while still offering effective service. Their competence enables you to conclude agreements fast and efficiently.

  1. Silicon Legal Strategy

Silicon Legal Strategy, a boutique Silicon Valley startup lawyer, provides clients with responsive and trustworthy legal counsel. Among their services are legal defense, venture funding, corporate governance, personnel affairs such as contracts and agreements, commercial contracts, and real estate leases. They may also help you with patent and trademark registrations, health and medical regulatory difficulties, and litigation. They ensure startup and investor customers get their products and business off to a quick and efficient start. Their mergers and acquisitions experience is both domestic and cross-border, and it covers purchasing and selling clients in a range of transactions.

  1. Gunderson Dettmer, LLP

As a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley, Gunderson Dettmer was one of the first firms to focus solely on startup and venture capital investor clients. Their human-centered approach offers the best to each client. It adapts solutions to its clients' needs: realistic legal counsel crafted to each client's specific needs. They assist startups with various aspects, including formation, funding and liquidity concerns, and operating requirements. Their customer list includes clients in the United States, Europe, China, and other global technology sectors. 

  1. Fenwick & West, LLP

Fenwick, a Silicon Valley startup lawyer, provides customers with a wide variety of corporate law services in the health science and technology areas. Their extensive grasp of how technological businesses are developed, financed, expanded, and eventually combined or taken public has earned them rankings as one of the best venture capital firms in the US by Chambers USA and the Dow Jones. They will help your business make sensible judgments through realistic legal counsel, aid you when business model difficulties arise, assist with fundraising methods, and support you in generating quality documents to show to potential investors. They will also make the required introductions to investors and funders within their network, bringing like-minded firms and individuals together for beneficial collaborations.

A Startup Lawyer in Silicon Valley—a Crucial Business Decision

One of the most crucial business decisions you can make is to hire a startup lawyer in Silicon Valley. Because they have access to potential investors, you and your Silicon Valley startup lawyer will collaborate to create the best possible business plan to persuade potential investors to consider your company. Fortunately, our expert financial projection templates at ProjectionHub can serve you in this aspect. You could take a step further and automatically generate a predicted balance sheet, cash flow, and income forecast based on your specific revenue predictions.

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Adam is the Co-founder of ProjectionHub which helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and internal business planning. Since 2012, over 50,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have used ProjectionHub to help create financial projections.

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