Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys In San Francisco For 2022

August 12, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

San Francisco, especially Silicon Valley, is home to major tech startups. And you have a fantastic idea that has the potential to transform the world, but how will you safeguard it? The solution is simple: hire a startup lawyer from the start. Unfortunately, companies can fail owing to organizational flaws, logistical, and legal concerns—it isn't necessarily a lack of financing that causes them to fail. That is why you require a legal foundation.

How Will a Startup Lawyer in San Francisco Benefit Your Business?

A lawyer focusing on helping startups is vital to assist founders navigate the state and federal landscape. They ensure that your company is built, from day one, on a solid foundation while protecting your legal rights such as intellectual property as well as personal and business assets. They also assist startups with hammering out the finer details in contracts, advise on tax matters, and they have experience in working with investors while protecting you from bad business deals.

Finding the right startup lawyer in San Francisco will take a bit of research and reading reviews from previous clients can provide you with valuable insights. Or you can take a short cut and read more about San Francisco startup lawyers below.

  1. Inventus Law

Inventus Law works with startups from the outset. They specialize in providing a comprehensive range of professional services to startups, including entity selection, intellectual property protection, stock structure, and reducing disputes between founders and outside investors. Furthermore, their extensive expertise and experience assist customers in structuring angel and seed funding to benefit the business and the possible investor without favoring one over the other. They also examine client company strategies to link to the most relevant finance sources while paying close attention to legal structuring and processes to execute legal paperwork in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  1. Bend Law Group, PC

As a San Francisco startup lawyer, Bend Law Group is a small law firm with experienced business attorneys and startup lawyers serving startups with legal counsel each step of the way. Intellectual property services include state, federal, and international trademark registrations, IP monitoring services and enforcement, copyright registrations. Other services offered are funding and investments (due diligence, private placement strategy and counsel, counsel, SAFE agreements, interstate offerings, and private placement memorandums), general counsel, and real estate services.

  1. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is a startup attorney in San Francisco that works with technology and life sciences firms. The firm has over six decades of expertise and a record that follows the emergence and growth of Silicon Valley. They work with leading inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as the funders that support them. They know and comprehend its nuances because of their work with tech-driven businesses, and they use this expertise to provide effective legal counsel to their clients. Their dedication to diversity is an integral part of their company culture. They bring together the best minds from various backgrounds to help their startup customers grow from fledgling to ultimate tech empire.

  1. Lloyd & Mousilli

Lloyd & Mousilli, a startup attorney in San Francisco, assists startups by providing solid legal guidance and establishing a legal company with the appropriate corporate paperwork, all while safeguarding the business's intellectual property and the founders through the right legal channels. They can draft founders' agreements to safeguard everyone from the start. They also assist startups to legally safeguard their trademarks, patents, and copyrights. They are well-versed in state and federal law, as well as internet, cyberspace, and technology legislation. Because corporations seldom operate in a single state, but rather nationally and internationally, their team of attorneys is prepared to assist you in this aspect as well.

  1. Primum Law Group

Primum Law Group specializes in being a reliable and skilled startup lawyer in San Francisco on your side and implementing smart growth strategies. Their priority is to get you up and running as efficiently and legally as possible. They work with seed- and early-stage enterprises and startups to enhance their business, funding, and technology strategies in order to help them expand. Startups may take advantage of their complete fixed-fee package for their first year to guarantee they have a strong lawyer at their side during this critical year. By focusing on the individual, they may create a package that will better fit your company and provide you with more outstanding value.

  1. Putnam Gordon, P.C.

As a startup attorney in San Francisco, Putnam Gordon likes working with and assisting startups. Their purpose is to provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs as they face the hurdles of launching a new firm. Drafting founder's agreements, entity selection and creation, and intellectual property protection are all examples of services provided. Later, whether the firm need legal assistance with contracts, personnel concerns, finance, or intellectual property, Putnam Gordon is there to assist and support your startup. When anything falls outside of their field of expertise, they have a huge network of other specialists that can help their clients within their referral network.

  1. Computerlaw Group LLP

This highly specialized and boutique San Francisco startup lawyer has been offering solid intellectual property counsel and vigorous legal representation since 1985. Computerlaw Group focuses on supporting computer and other high-tech companies and professionals by retaining a core team to give better service to their clients. Their robust entrepreneurship program assists their customers in developing solid business strategies to leverage their concept and grow their brainchild to benefit from unexpected profitable chances. They also help founders with contract negotiations, angel funding, and seamless transactions when partnering with a venture capital company. They strive to safeguard entrepreneurs' intellectual property and to assist them at every stage of their startup's development.

  1. Gunderson Dettmer

Because they establish hundreds of businesses yearly, Gunderson Dettmer is regularly acknowledged as the most active San Francisco startup lawyer in the venture capital market. They advise and guide startup customers on the most crucial difficulties they confront, such as raising funding, recruiting and maintaining top employees, and monetizing their discoveries. They give legal assistance to each business's needs at all phases of the innovation cycle. Their experienced staff is highly versatile, and as your business evolves, they change their services to meet your demands to assist you in being the greatest innovator possible.

  1. SAC Attorneys LLP

SAC Attorneys LLP, a startup attorney in San Francisco, is a team of experienced lawyers who assist businesses from the beginning of their operations. They'll help entrepreneurs create a solid business strategy, advise on the ideal company entity, and help acquire capital to get your ideas off the ground. Business contracts, personnel issues, and critical intellectual property protection are many services provided. If a giant corporation later wants to buy your firm, they can assess merger or acquisition bids and advise on the best course of action.

  1. Ari Law

Ari Law, a San Francisco startup lawyer, arose from the startup and rising company sector. This enables them to thoroughly grasp the demands of small enterprises such as startups. They developed their law company to be more cost-effective and to give better service to startups while not losing sight of the legal issues that firms confront. They create multiple businesses each year and are regularly regarded as one of the go-to startup lawyers in San Francisco.

Some Parting Thoughts on Hiring a San Francisco Startup Lawyer

You've worked hard on your ideas. Preserving your intellectual property rights is simply one of many considerations when beginning your own technology business. Our recommended lawyers and attorneys are all well-respected, competent, and committed to assisting you in achieving the success you deserve and expanding your business beyond your greatest expectations.

But… outstanding ideas is only one aspect of the business journey. We at ProjectionHub are here to help you with our  Financial Projection Templates and custom financial modelling services to demonstrate investors and your startup lawyer in San Francisco how these ideas may expand and provide a return on their investment. We've put in the hours and crunched the majority of the numbers so you can focus on building your business with professionally prepared projections.

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