Top 9 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys In Austin, Texas For 2022

August 22, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Every beginning business owner wants to know they are not alone when they need assistance. Perhaps more significantly, every business owner wants their venture to be a success. A startup lawyer in Austin who understands the complexities of the city and state's business law is a comfort. You will also not be alone when facing legal matters.

The Benefits of Having a Startup Attorney in Austin by Your Side

Although the Lone Star State—and Austin especially—support new businesses and startups, laws are still in place to ensure everything is done legally. Starting a new business in Austin is a thrilling experience. Still, imagine you don't have a startup attorney in Austin on your side. You could go from business owner to zero business if you don’t set your business up within the city and state legal framework. While you may not be an expert in the law, a startup attorney in Austin will be able to advise you through entity selection and creation, tax regulations, and corporate and general legal concerns. Your legal advisor will assist you in traversing the legal environment, thereby protecting you by anticipating future risks and recognizing the broader picture inside the law.

We've collected a list of the best lawyers and attorneys in Austin so you can choose and work with the startup lawyer in Austin that best meets your needs.

  1. Kumar Law Firm PLLC

Attorney Sanjeev Kumar, a successful business professional, built the Kumar Law Firm. This firm provides customers with a startup attorney in Austin that knows how a business operates and can provide excellent legal assistance from a business standpoint. The firm assists firms with contract and negotiation, intellectual property and patent protection, and alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, they assist startups in planning for business succession so that their legacy can continue after your death.

  1. Huggins Reddien LLP

Huggins Reddien's devoted staff offers customers a boutique startup lawyer in Austin with Big-Law expertise and years of experience to give a professional service and assist startups in developing long-term enterprises that realize their goals and prosper in their industry. Contracts, trademark and intellectual property counseling and protection, corporate and securities practice, and assistance with information technology and business outsourcing agreements are all areas of concern covered by the company. Their adaptable approach to engagement ensures that clients receive the service they deserve while also being attentive to their client's requirements.

  1. Brown Law Firm

Brown Law Firm has assisted numerous starting enterprises with their business requirements as an Austin startup attorney. Because they are situated in Austin, Texas, they understand the state and city’s business landscape. They can thus provide timely and cost-effective solutions and representation to entrepreneurs. Their crew is not only intelligent but also well-versed in corporate law and local legislation, as well as how they affect the business industry. They take care of your company needs from the beginning and support you with legal processes through personal service.

  1. Dwyer Murphy Calvert LLP

Dwyer Murphy Calvert, or DMC, provides clients with focused, high-quality service to help them achieve their business objectives. They use technology to cut the company's administrative and infrastructural costs (typically borne by the customer) to provide their clients with the best possible service. They help companies with their corporate affairs, partnership and commercial contracts. Their workforce brings the company much knowledge from their time at sizeable institutional law firms, where they received comprehensive training and experience in various transactions. This background and expertise enable them to provide professional knowledge to startups and existing clients while achieving remarkable outcomes.

  1. Blake Law Firm PLLC

The Blake Law Firm, an Austin startup attorney, provides a complete yet tailored array of legal services to its startup and established customers. They help startups with careful business planning to minimize risk and company tax, increase asset protection, and draft and negotiate contracts. Other services include intellectual property development advice, IT legal consultation, assisting customers with licensing intellectual property rights, and strategic alliances to optimize your brand's intellectual property value to attract investors. They may also advise organizations on the optimal exit plan to maximize profits and assist with mergers and acquisitions.

  1. Lynch Law Firm PLLC

Natalie R. Lynch, the founder of Lynch Law Firm, believes that a law firm should provide legal counsel to businesses in a timely, open, and helpful manner. As an Austin startup attorney, she and her firm aid startups through the formation process, employment law, creating, negotiating, and changing agreements and contracts, dealing with workplace discrimination problems, and settling disputes. Natalie approaches the law by asking questions based on what the law states. Still, as a business owner, she frames her inquiries from a business standpoint, giving customers comfort that they're working with someone who cares just as much about their company as they do.

  1. Cullinane Law Group

Cullinane Law Group focuses on non-profit law and assisting new non-profit organizations and tax-exempt organizations (charities, foundations, associations, and social businesses) in legally establishing themselves. As an Austin startup lawyer, they recognize that operating an organization requires devotion; hence, they focus on legal and tax problems so that you can focus on what's essential—freeing your time to focus on your community and cause. They provide complete solutions and legal monitoring, such as general counsel, legal compliance and audits, and dealing with time-sensitive concerns such as IRS audits. They may also defend you before the IRS and instruct your staff on legal issues so they can make a difference in the world with a solid legal base.

  1. The Law Office of Tanya K. Streit, P.C.

The Law Offices of Tanya K. Streit offers startup clients services that are precisely targeted to their specific needs. Tanya provides representation from the creation of a corporate entity to the achievement of long-term goals. You can be confident that their offices will assist you in picking the ideal legal organization for your needs. They can assist you in establishing the necessary legal structure because a starting firm needs by-laws for corporate governance. Their office will assist you with the legal aspects of commercial transactions once they have helped you develop your legal basis.

  1. Tully Rinckey PLLC

Tully Rinckey, an Austin startup lawyer, realizes that not every firm can afford in-house legal counsel. Therefore, their attorneys provide corporate, administrative, and general counsel as needed. Each client is allocated an experienced and qualified corporate or general counsel attorney as their point of contact. Clients continue to have access to the whole team of industry-leading attorneys to assist them with legal concerns if necessary. They customize their hourly and monthly prices to your company's needs, allowing you to afford legal counsel when you need it the most. They can address possible problems before they occur through your personal relationship and understanding of your organization.

Have Startup Lawyer in Austin—Can Do Business

With a professional and knowledgeable lawyer or attorney on your side, you can be confident that your company will be operating lawfully. Austin is a city that thrives on entrepreneurs, and it constantly ranks in the top tiers for business, technology, startups, quality of life, and job possibilities. You don't have to feel confused while navigating the laws of starting a business in Austin, Texas, with the help of an Austin startup lawyer who knows your and your business's needs.

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