How to Customize a ProjectionHub Financial Model Template

August 24, 2022 by Adam Hoeksema

One of the most common requests at ProjectionHub is to add revenue line items or expenses to one of our existing financial model templates.  Just today we were asked to add special event catering to our food truck template, services to our manufacturing financial model, and multiple units to our medical office financial model.  We are happy to provide custom financial modeling services and charge customers for these changes for those that don’t want to mess with Excel, but for those of you willing to try a bit of spreadsheet customization, we wanted to share how you can customize a ProjectionHub financial model yourself. 

The three most common requests are:

  1. Can I add a revenue model to an existing spreadsheet? 
  2. Can I add more expense line items to a ProjectionHub financial model? 
  3. Can I add more salaried positions to a ProjectionHub template? 

I am going to share a video demonstration to show you how to do all three customizations on your own if you have the confidence and patience to work in Excel.  

Customizing Revenue Models - ProjectionHub

Almost all ProjectionHub financial projection templates come with at least 4 revenue line items, but many templates only have one or two line items utilized by default.  This means that it is relatively easy to add your own revenue line items to the template if you have additional revenue drivers in your business that need to be included.  Watch the video below to learn exactly how to add your own revenue model customizations. 

Adding Expenses to a ProjectionHub Template

ProjectionHub templates come with a set amount of operating expense line items, but there is an easy hack to essentially create an unlimited number of expense line items that would simply be consolidated in the financial statements.  In this video I will show you how to add additional operating expenses into any ProjectionHub template. 

Adding Salaried Positions to a ProjectionHub Template

ProjectionHub templates come with a set amount of salaried position line items, but there is an easy customization to create additional salaried position line items.  In this video I will show you how to add additional salary expenses into any ProjectionHub template. 

If you have more money than time or patience to fiddle around with Excel equations all day, that is why we are here, just reach out with your custom financial modeling needs and we will provide a quick quote to help you complete a set of projections that will satisfy your potential investors, lenders and internal stakeholders.

About the Author

Adam is the Co-founder of ProjectionHub which helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and internal business planning. Since 2012, over 50,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have used ProjectionHub to help create financial projections.

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