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What To Know About (SBA) Small Business Administration Loans

Guest Post by Owner Actions. SBA loans may already be on your radar, but if you’re like many owners, you likely have some questions on whether you can qualify for them and how they can be used. In this post, I’ll help you navigate the essentials.

Are Dispensaries Profitable? A Startup Guide For New Dispensaries

An article that outlines how to start a dispensary, roughly how much it could cost to start, and how profitable the dispensary might be.

How To Raise Capital For a Business or Startup Company

Raising capital for your startup can be a difficult process. This article explores the different options available to entrepreneurs and helps navigate some of the key considerations.

Startup Balance Sheet: Why You Need One & How To Prepare It

Get started on your balance sheet with this step-by-step guide. From startups to small businesses, a balance sheet is an important tool for financial monitoring, decision making, and reporting.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Product Startup Revenue Stats: A Study of 99 D2C Product Startups [2022]

StarterStory has an incredible database of over 2,600 startup case studies which include many in the D2C Product space, so we pulled together and analyzed a group of 99 D2C startups to learn more about what these companies actually generate in terms of revenue.

Startup Revenue Stats: A Study of 234 Tech Startups [2022]

A comprehensive analysis of 234 tech startups to understand things like average revenue, average team size, revenue growth rate, and more!

5 Essential Things To Do Before You Start A Business

There are several steps to start a business, though, that you need to know. Here we will cover five essential things that you need to do before you launch your new company.

What Is Cash Runway? How To Calculate And Tips To Extend It!

The cash runway is a metric that can inform your decisions in spending cash and keeping your business alive by default. It is also a metric that investors use to gauge the growth of a startup and its spending habits. Being aware of your runway and keeping it high is just as important as sourcing for finance.

4 Unique Financial Projection Models for the 4 Different Gym Business Models

You’ve decided to start a gym, but the thought left you with more questions than answers. The best first step toward making the project a success is to visualize the end product. With this in mind, there will be a purpose behind the planning, which should start with finding the right concept. There are 4 different styles of gyms to choose from