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Download our ecommerce subscription revenue model template and quickly create sales projections for your subscription box business model.  The revenue model allows you to add sales projections for customers that make one time purchases as well as customers that subscribe to a monthly or regular subscription box service. Key features include:

  • Works in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Monthly ecommerce subscription revenue model for 12 months
  • Video walkthrough to demonstrate subscription box revenue projections

Compatible with ProjectionHub’s premium Ecommerce Subscription Financial Model

Ecommerce Subscription Sales Projection Template FAQs

What is the revenue model for ecommerce businesses?

The revenue model for ecommerce businesses is typically to sell one off products to customers and to ship those products to their doorstep.  Another popular ecommerce model is the subscription box model where a customer will subscribe to receive certain products on a regularly scheduled basis.  

What are examples of successful subscription box startups?

Dollar Shave Club is one of the earliest examples of a successful ecommerce subscription business.  Consumers are also familiar with Amazon’s subscribe and save model which allows you to subscribe to receive certain products on a regular basis in exchange for a small discount. 

What is a reasonable sales projection for an ecommerce startup?

According to our study of 234 tech startups, we found that D2C ecommerce startups averaged over $3 million in annual revenue by year 4 in business.  

Ecommerce Financial Modeling

For ecommerce subscription models that don’t quite fit into our revenue model spreadsheet, we do offer custom financial modeling services for many ecommerce businesses.  We can build a sales model that reflects your specific plans and structure.  

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