Top 7 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Raleigh for 2022

August 24, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Many startups may attempt to address most of their challenges without the assistance of a startup lawyer in Raleigh. While this cost-cutting approach might be beneficial, it is not always the best option. It can also save you money by avoiding future litigation because your company operates correctly and within the law. Having a startup lawyer on your side may free up critical time and resources so you can focus on growing your business.

Use a Raleigh Startup Lawyer To Draft Contracts and Agreements

Without a good relationship with a Raleigh startup lawyer, you may face legal problems with nobody on your side. Sometimes, you must prepare employee contracts or non-disclosure agreements to protect yourself, your staff, your business, and your trade secrets.

  • Hiring staff is crucial to growing your business, but different state and federal rules affect this process. Maintaining legal compliance throughout the recruiting process is critical, such as not employing illegal immigrants, adhering to the minimum work age to fight child labor, and respecting employees' privacy rights. Your startup lawyer in Raleigh understands the local legislation in this regard. Drafting legal employment contracts are crucial since they may include stipulations relating to intellectual property protection and non-disclosure agreements. A legal contract protects both you and your employees.
  • In addition to employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements with employees, shareholders, and partners are critical for safeguarding your valuable trade secrets. Your agreement must also withstand scrutiny in court without damaging your business. Because non-disclosure agreements can occasionally contain technical language, it is advisable to have a startup attorney in Raleigh prepare them for you. These types of agreements are highly technical documents. They can sometimes be nuanced, so you need an attorney to draft an agreement that effectively defines what is protected and what is excepted from everyone who signs it.

To help you find a startup lawyer in Raleigh, we've compiled a list of the top seven below for you to consider—whether it is contracts or agreements that need drafting or any other legal matter that needs your attention. 

  1. NC Planning

You can plan and build your business on a firm basis with the assistance of NC Planning, a startup attorney in Raleigh. They'll help you choose the best company entity for your needs. Contract preparation, negotiation, and amendment are one of the primary services provided after assisting you with entity selection. The devoted staff gets to know each client personally to understand their business and provide them with the best legal advice. Because your company demands vary, you must also keep up with the legal elements; their specialists will be with you every step to assist you with your needs.

  1. Law Offices of Robert O. Crawford III, PLLC

The Law Offices of Robert O. Crawford III, with over 40 years of expertise, provides small businesses with a startup lawyer in Raleigh that will stand by their side and actively seek and achieve the desired conclusion to any legal matter they face. Principal attorneys Robert O. Crawford and Renee B. Crawford pool their skills to help their clients achieve their business objectives. Their first objective is to assist your business in running smoothly by knowing about your organization, market, and vision for your firm. Instead of costly litigation, they explore out-of-the-box ideas outside the courtroom to help you save money. However, their demonstrated trial abilities will be used to your advantage if litigation is required. While offering large-firm expertise, you are assured of a small firm's personal service and cost-consciousness.

  1. Smith Anderson

Smith Anderson, with extensive expertise in advising companies, provides customers with a skilled startup attorney in Raleigh to handle legal problems while you focus on your ideas. Their rising growth and startup clients include companies specializing in mobile apps, drug development, life sciences, technology, and medical devices, among others. They lead startups through the early phases of establishment, developing into growing enterprises and eventually divesting, using sophisticated legal guidance and advice. They can also connect you with the relevant people and resources for your progress through their professional network. Smith Anderson can help you with intellectual property protection, company finance, tax, regulatory, and securities compliance issues.

  1. Liles Law

Following an in-depth conversation, the Liles Law team will create a legal roadmap with specific action items to protect you and your business. Venus Liles, as an entrepreneur, provides customers with a Raleigh startup lawyer who is client-centered and communicates clearly to provide clients with the best legal guidance at an accessible price. They provide flat-rate packages to assist businesses of all sizes to control their spending while also avoiding 'surprise' invoices—you have the assurance that you may ask questions and obtain the proper legal answers without keeping an eye on the clock or hurrying through crucial talks. The firm's complete services include entity registration, contracts and agreements, website privacy terms, trademark registration, software licenses, and privacy policy formulation.

  1. Triangle Law Group

Triangle Law Group aspires to establish long-term business connections with their clients and to give legal advice and assistance from the beginning stages of formation and beyond your company's growth cycle. With their simplified business strategy as a startup attorney in Raleigh, they work alongside you and your CPA, effectively becoming part of your team to guarantee you prosper as a legal and lucrative business. When faced with contract conflicts or a collection situation, the team can help. They can also represent you in court, file cases, and help you with mediation and arbitration. The firm has a strong interest in and experience with real estate. They can assist business customers with real estate concerns ranging from conflicts to administrative procedures.

  1. Morningstar Law Group

Morningstar Law Group has been working with startups for many years. It brings that depth of expertise to new businesses as a startup attorney in Raleigh. Many of their clients are in the software, technology, life sciences, and biotech industries. Thus, they have a thorough understanding of these sectors. Clients benefit from valuable advice since they can link investors with companies and know whether investments are profitable. Through practical solutions, they assist customers in moving their businesses ahead with a hands-on approach and focused, personal attention—from the beginning through standing by your side as your firm evolves and grows.

  1. Wyrick Robbins

With over 40 years of expertise, Wyrick Robbins has aided entrepreneurs, startups, and developing companies in their development, growth, and legal requirements, as well as angel investors and venture capital firms. Clients receive excellent assistance in one of four organizational core practice areas: corporate, litigation, commercial real estate, and tax, trusts, and estates, all from a single office. Through the one-office-spread-across-four-specialties, they give clients excellent cooperation, communication, and legal assistance by using the power of technology and taking a dedicated approach to addressing problems swiftly and efficiently. They provide customers with a Raleigh startup lawyer and the highest legal services possible. Attorneys from top law schools and large national law firms in America have joined their team to look after your legal requirements.

A Startup Lawyer in Raleigh Is Your Best Financial Investment

Spending money to establish formal employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements is a worthy investment. Instead of creating legal issues for yourself, have your Raleigh startup lawyer prepare them for you. But… You won't have to battle with your financial predictions if you use our industry-specific and CPA-prepared Excel financial projection templates. They are created with you in mind to make financial projections a snap, allowing you to focus on your business while worrying about one less issue.

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