Top 7 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Indiana for 2022

August 30, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Whether you are launching a startup, growing, or expanding an existing business, you might not know where to start. A startup lawyer in Indiana will be the best person to guide you in setting up your business correctly and within the framework of the law.

I Want To Start a Business. Should I Hire a Startup Lawyer in Indiana?

Absolutely! A startup lawyer in Indiana does more than only solve legal issues; they also know and comprehend local and federal legislation, which they interpret to assist you in trade lawfully. They will provide the solutions and resources you need to deal effectively with a company problem without exposing their clients to undesired and unnecessary danger.

Your legal practitioner is prepared to assist you in avoiding issues, choosing a suitable entity for your business, protecting your intellectual property, and advising you on tax benefits and topics that will help your business thrive in the long run.

How an Indiana Startup Lawyer Can Help You and Your Employees Achieve Success

When you start a new business, you are also helping your community by creating employment opportunities. We all know that a successful business depends on its employees to grow and expand. But what if you have a dispute with a worker or you need to deal with a disgruntled employee? Or do you want to make your employees part of your success through employee benefits and profit-sharing schemes? An Indiana startup lawyer is the best person to help you achieve positive outcomes—whether faced with employee action against you or to help you reward your employees with benefit options.

A compensation agreement is critical to protect both the business and employees—it details the terms of employment, terms of payment, and employee benefits. Drawing up these agreements without the assistance of a startup lawyer in Indiana can become costly when you do not specify specific arrangements or use vague language that swings the court's opinion in favor of the disgruntled employee. However, when employees don't honor their contract, you have the legal grounding to take legal action. Your Indiana startup lawyer will help you enforce your rights as an employer.

Employee rewards should be stipulated in their contracts. Your lawyer is the best person to draw up these documents—again, vague or illegal wording can sink your business. Professional and legally drafted employee agreements protect both you and your employees.

We've compiled a list of Indiana's top seven startup lawyers to help your business grow and keep you and your employees happy and prosperous. 

  1. The Keuling Law Firm

Eric Keuling is the founder of Keuling Law Firm and has over a decade of experience working with law firms and Big 4 accounting companies in the United States and Japan. After ten years of living and working in Tokyo, Japan, he has the advantage of assisting companies with international experience locally as a startup attorney in Indiana, New York, and New Jersey. Eric also mentors startups and early-stage companies and helps them refine their technological and financial strategies to ensure healthy growth. Their flat-rate startup package is intended to assist emerging businesses in becoming investor-ready when they begin seeking outside investors.

  1. Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law

The business attorneys at Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law believe that timeliness is the key to a successful business partnership, whether brainstorming with you for acquisition and merger or drafting legal agreements. They will assist you in building and running your business legally and successfully by providing proactive counseling and legal assistance. You can rely on CLLB to be by your side with tailored legal services and advice in the sad case of a lawsuit or a disagreement. As a startup attorney in Indiana, the firm provides various legal services and parts of the law tailored to your company's needs.

  1. Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.

Ciyou & Dixon was founded in 1995. They tackle each situation with their founding principle: each case has a unique story. As a startup attorney in Indiana, they'll take the time to discover and comprehend the unique case details to maximize their client's prospective outcome and achieve their objectives. Their services include supporting startups in understanding the subtleties of the law and advising them on the best method to set up their firm, preparing and negotiating agreements and contracts, and representing you when a problem arises.

  1. Jeffery B. Risinger, Attorney at Law

For over 40 years, Jeffrey B. Risinger has advised startups on the complete range of legal concerns that may arise while establishing a new business. As an Indiana startup lawyer, he can advise you on entity selection to best shield you from personal responsibility, design and negotiate contracts, complete and submit the necessary forms with the IRS and explain tax ramifications, explore basic insurance options, and aid startups in understanding local legislation and working within its boundaries. Furthermore, the office will assist you with the appropriate filings with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to secure the safety of you and your employees and establish your company's organizational documentation.

  1. Gutwein Law

Gutwein Law is an Indiana startup lawyer that advises new and expanding firms. They assist startups with the appropriate documentation required during incorporation, acquiring finance to start the business, operating challenges, and mergers and acquisitions. The firm helps companies market their innovative products, eventually creating employment within the sector. They also help startups with entity formation and governance, personnel matters, intellectual property protection through copyright, trademark and patent registrations, and franchise law. They also assist clients with setting up non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. 

  1. Taylor, Chadd, Minette, Schneider & Clutter, P.C.

At Taylor, Chadd, Minette, Schneider & Clutter, their business law experts provide clients with an Indiana startup attorney who will help them with all elements of beginning, registering, and managing a business. Their extensive corporate law knowledge is used to guarantee clients obtain the best possible service and outcome. They manage the legal aspects of a wide range of enterprises, from agriculture law to commercial law and everything in between. Their dedicated service guarantees that your business is legally protected. They will assist you in business succession planning, real estate and commercial property transactions, structuring benefits or compensation schemes, and general business and commercial litigation as needed.

  1. Castor Easton

Castor Easton, an Indiana startup lawyer, wants to help their clients understand the legal dangers and possibilities of starting a business. With over a decade of expertise aiding customers in developing and growing their businesses, the team is ready to assist you in closing business agreements with confidence. They advise customers on securities legislation and give legal assistance when raising funds. They are ideally positioned as general counsel in software-as-a-Service and internet-based firms. They comprehend and support customers in the formulation and negotiation of licensing and business models, as well as the development and negotiation of SaaS licenses and bespoke development agreements.

A Startup Attorney in Indiana—One of Your Most Intelligent Investment Choices

A startup attorney in Indiana will assist you with all your legal matters, from employee agreements and contracts to dealing with general legal matters your business may face during its lifecycle to helping you make sound business decisions such as raising capital and investor deals. Luckily, you can save time and money with our CPA-developed and industry-specific financial projection templates. Our templates are Excel-based, the spaces which need your input are color-coded, and you can easily navigate between tabs to see the information you need immediately.

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