Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys In Los Angeles For 2022

August 11, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Beautiful coastal towns and rambling suburbs abound in Los Angeles, but so do incredibly complicated rules and legal requirements. Finding, hiring, and working with a startup lawyer in Los Angeles can be confusing and scary when you start your business—primarily if you have never worked with a lawyer. Having the right lawyer on your side is crucial to protect both your personal and your business’s assets. The right lawyer working with you to grow your business helps boost your confidence.

What You Should Look for in a Startup Lawyer in Los Angeles

To start, you should look for someone you get along with, someone you trust, and a lawyer who is interested in what you are doing. Often, referrals from friends or other businesses are a good place to start this journey.

The startup attorney in Los Angeles you select should also be competent in the type of legal issues you want to address. There is no point in hiring an attorney who doesn’t understand your business or won’t try to accommodate you. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before hiring a startup lawyer in Los Angeles:

  1. Do they understand my unique startup business needs?
  2. Are they responsive when I reach out via telephone or email?
  3. Are they really interested in helping me?
  4. Have they dealt with these kinds of issues before?
  5. Does my lawyer have the knowledge and seniority to handle all my needs?
  6. Is my lawyer transparent about their fees?

Asking yourself these questions when you start looking for a Los Angeles startup lawyer can save you trouble down the line.

Find a Startup Attorney in Los Angeles—Our Top 10 Recommendations

Below is a list of startup lawyers in Los Angeles to get you off to a solid attorney-client relationship.

  1. Simantab Law Group

The experienced Simantab Law Group, a startup attorney in Los Angeles, takes pleasure in offering strategic assistance to startups and playing a vital part in their legal needs as their customers' businesses develop and mature. Using their extensive understanding of the nuances of various businesses, they guarantee that all their legal concerns are taken care of and are established on a firm legal foundation that will keep up with their planned development. For startups, they also offer a fixed-fee startup business package to help them plan their budget.

  1. Citron & Deutsch

Citron & Deutsch, a boutique startup attorney in Los Angeles, covers many issues for startups, businesses, and executives. Because every organization is unique, they believe in a personalized approach to you and your company to customize dynamic guidance and services to your specific needs. Taking their clients through every stage of the formation process, their highly competent attorneys value the attorney-client relationship, which instills confidence and trust in both sides.

  1. Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh

Understanding the world and prospects of e-commerce, the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh has vast expertise in all sorts of enterprises, including internet, cyberspace, and technology legislation. Their creative approach to law helps startups at all stages of development. This Los Angeles startup lawyer can help customers set up the best corporate entity for their online startup firm since they are professionals in business standards and procedures. An attorney familiar with the online commerce world is the ideal person to advise you on the legal alternatives that are best for your business and to take actions to assure commercial success.

  1. Carbon Law Group APLC

Most startups start with their own savings or a small seed round from family and friends. Carbon Law Group APLC understands that startups don’t always have the budget to hire a lawyer from the outset, and that’s why they offer new and existing businesses flat-rate packages in addition to monthly retainer packages. As a Los Angeles startup lawyer, they understand the importance of having the right legal partner by your side from the outset.

  1. Springermeyer Law

Springermeyer Law was established in 2010 to provide technology firms with a Los Angeles startup lawyer who provides a complete, scalable practice focused on topic expertise and efficiency. They specialize in business transactions and intellectual property and deal with companies, investors, and entrepreneurs from the beginning offering general, operational, and compliance advice. This firm has worked with investors on deals ranging from $100,000 to over $100,000 million. Since its inception, they have worked with and assisted over 200 ventures from the formation stages to final acquisition.

  1. Pacific Health Law Group PC

Finding a startup attorney in Los Angeles specializing in the legal concerns of healthcare professionals may be found at the Pacific Health Law Group. Aside from the usual legal concerns, healthcare practitioners starting a practice confront additional legal challenges: they must follow regulations imposed by their professional boards. The highly skilled team at Pacific Health Law Group understands this and provides legal support that a typical Los Angeles startup lawyer cannot provide. They are intended for veterinarians, optometrists, doctors, and dentists who establish their first practice, form a partnership, or join a national network of service providers.

  1. Structure Law Group LLP

Structure Law Group (SLG) takes a lifecycle approach. It offers its startup customers realistic and trustworthy advice on entering the company sector, managing growth, and exit methods. Clients are counseled on the benefits and drawbacks of their alternatives from the outset so that they may choose the best organization for them. Through founder agreements, equity incentive programs, and convertible debt financing structures, SLG supports the design of beneficial stakeholder relationships. As a startup attorney in Los Angeles, they help customers secure legally compliant finance for their businesses through crowdsourcing, venture capital, investor agreements and personal contributions, and company loans. They also advise their clients on the legal ramifications of various funding choices.

  1. Kaass Law

Kaass Law provides a comprehensive startup attorney in Los Angeles, including litigation and transactional components. They offer a balanced approach to your legal needs—sound advice when you start or need it starting and solid and effective representation when facing legal issues. They help firms choose the optimal company for their requirements while advising on other legal issues. Startups will be relieved to learn that they also offer fee arrangements, such as fixed, capped, and hybrid arrangements.

  1. Prinz Law Office

The Prinz Law Office is a specialized firm focusing on the technology industries of software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), technology, digital health, life sciences, medical and health technology, biotechnology, and e-commerce/internet industries. The firm assists startups in closing deals regarding their intellectual property through carefully negotiated deals to avoid future disputes or other legal problems. Services also include advising clients on risk reduction strategies through high-level analyses combined with internal audits and risk assessments of the client’s company’s core relationships. Even though technology is at the heart of their business dealings, personalized service forms the core of this office's work culture. They seek to create meaningful and personal connections with all their clients.

  1. Talkov Law

You'll need a startup lawyer in Los Angeles familiar with the extensive and intricate rules and regulations, such as Talkov Law. Their Los Angeles startup lawyer thoroughly grasp LA's particular laws and can aid with business litigation difficulties when they occur. Furthermore, they employ their experience with local city laws, courtroom processes, and local judges to provide their clients with the best possible service. Their seasoned Los Angeles startup lawyer s are members of the American Bar Association.

Boost your Legal Confidence with a Los Angeles Startup Lawyer

We’ve looked at various expert startup attorneys in Los Angeles, including those specializing in technology and innovation, general startup companies, and one focused exclusively on healthcare professionals. So, finding the right startup lawyer in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be unnerving anymore with our recommendations.

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