Top 10 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in Florida for 2022

December 9, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

Florida's economy is expanding, and the state has a reputation for being business-friendly. Starting a business in Florida is quite simple with the assistance of a Florida startup lawyer.

Why you should hire a startup lawyer in Florida

A startup lawyer in Florida provides peace of mind by ensuring that essential activities are completed swiftly, correctly, and lawfully. When you have professional legal advice from a Florida startup lawyer from the start, in that case, your financial resources—as well as the contributions of your investors—are in excellent hands. The expenditure may appear significant initially, but it is well worth it when you realize you will save your company time, money, resources, and legal headaches downstream.

Connect with a startup lawyer in Florida by selecting one from our list below to help you set up your business. You'll be up and running in the Sunshine State in no time!

1. Walsh Banks Law – Orlando

Walsh Banks Law believes that every startup has the potential to achieve great things. Still, they also confront unique problems that must be handled while growing your firm. As a startup lawyer in Florida, they will concentrate on your legal issues while you concentrate on your business. They provide various services to startups, including business creation and registration, contract drafting and negotiation with employees and vendors, and intellectual property protection. Their skilled staff will walk you through any legal issues that may arise throughout your company's lifespan.

2. Gunster – Florida State

Gunster strives to be a pioneer in guiding startups and emerging companies on the legal consequences of their innovation and potential for development as a startup attorney in Florida. They function as a catalyst for the growth of Florida's commercial environment by representing angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and investment banks. Their services span from introductory consultations and company planning to assist entrepreneurs in forming new businesses and sophisticated financing and operational transactions. Their attorneys pool their collective and significant knowledge to assist you in building a sound legal foundation for your business.

3. Jurado & Farshschian – North Miami

At Jurado & Farshschian, they understand that their clients aren't legal professionals; thus, they provide their services in straightforward English (and Spanish). They want you to understand your rights and options so that you may make the best decisions possible. They specialize in providing exceptional service, adapting to your needs, and immediately responding to calls and inquiries as a startup attorney in Florida. They stay available throughout the settlement of your legal concerns. Their offices may assist you with real estate transactions, foreign investments in Florida, title difficulties, and other day-to-day legal needs through precise and targeted legal counsel.

4. Godfrey Legal – Orlando

With over 30 years of expertise, Godfrey Legal provides you with a Florida startup lawyer who is knowledgeable about the law and business. Biff Godfrey applies his extensive experience to help entrepreneurs with the legal elements of their operations. His services include but are not limited to assisting you in obtaining a business permit when operating from your home and obtaining a Federal Tax ID number for your business. Additionally, perform due diligence to ensure that when you move into an office building, it is zoned for the type of business you intend to conduct there and prepare and file the necessary paperwork to register your business.

5. Yormack Law – Coral Gables

Yormack Law's Corporate and Emerging Technology Practice is focused on its clients' commercial objectives. They provide customers with a Florida startup lawyer with the legal and market knowledge necessary to handle and close the most complex deals and practical advice on day-to-day operations. They advise emerging technological enterprises at every development step, from early business formation to angel or venture capital investment, first public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. The firm offers strategic planning and solutions to businesses that use blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies to make society more efficient and practical.

6. Naples & Spence Attorneys at Law – Saint Augustine

Naples & Spence is a boutique legal practice that will give you information, experience, and direction on practically every element of your business, from formation to eventually stepping out and embarking on the next project. Because they understand startups' obstacles and the legal climate, you'll have a trustworthy startup lawyer in Florida on your side. They take pleasure in developing connections with their clients and treating you as a valued family member. They can help you with trust administration and litigation, intellectual property protection, and other business law issues.

7. Hassell & Snell – Daytona Beach

Hassell & Snell's company startup attorneys can assist you in getting your new venture off the ground. The firm provides complete services and legal assistance to companies as a startup attorney in Florida to secure your long-term success. They can help with intellectual property protection, employment issues, contract drafting, review, and negotiation. They may also help you choose the proper business entity for your firm to maximize tax benefits and prevent your responsibility down the road.

8. FL Patel Law – Saint Petersburg 

As a startup lawyer in Florida, the offices of FL Patel Law offer their startup clients flat-rate pricing on LLC formation services. Their starting package guarantees that your company is registered correctly and set up to avoid legal and tax complications later. Their organization uses technology to eliminate the necessity for in-person meetings—documents can be digitally signed, too—when a simple phone conversation, email, or online meeting may achieve the same outcomes.

9. Business Law Center of the Palm Beaches – Palm Beach

Jay Eckhaus, the owner and operator of the Business Law Center of the Palm Beaches, provides over 35 years of expertise to assist startup businesses like yours. As a startup attorney in Florida, his firm offers complete pricing on all legal issues that your business may encounter. His firm will explore the ramifications, benefits, and downsides of each form of business entity with you, as well as provide legal guidance to assist you in deciding on the correct entity. This will assist you in forming a business in compliance with Florida state legislation.

10. Wilson McCoy – Maitland

Wilson McCoy, a startup attorney in Florida, has a devoted staff that wants to help you run your business legally from the start. They provide a broad range of commercial law services to guarantee that you trade lawfully. Still, they can also operate as in-house counsel to assist you on your specific legal issues. The firm allows clients to use their services for a simple, low-cost, flat price, and particular attorney-drafted documents and services may be purchased online, saving you money and time. Their service packages save money while moving your organization forward without worrying about the legal aspects. They also provide unique legal billing alternatives such as deferred payments, exchanging services for warrants, or equity options—to name a few.

A Dedicated Florida Startup Lawyer Is Your Wisest Investment

Hiring an experienced startup lawyer in Florida guarantees you have the time and resources to dedicate to promoting your business’s goals. A Florida startup lawyer will ensure that you focus on the essential issues and are not sidetracked by legal matters. With our financial projection templates, you can focus on essentials like building your business. Our financial projection templates will help you determine whether you can cover all your expenses and start turning a profit. Because it is Excel-based, all the calculations are performed for you, and our support team is available if you get stuck. 

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Adam is the Co-founder of ProjectionHub which helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for potential investors, lenders and internal business planning. Since 2012, over 50,000 entrepreneurs from around the world have used ProjectionHub to help create financial projections.

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