Top 11 Startup Lawyers & Attorneys in California for 2022

September 28, 2022

Adam Hoeksema

The startup business culture is unique and does not follow the same rules as traditional businesses. That's why you'll need a California startup lawyer by your side. They understand the startup climate and are best equipped to assist your business.

The Benefit of Hiring a Startup Lawyer in California

Startups can start with a simple idea between a group of friends, they work on it tirelessly, and suddenly it takes the world by storm. Traditional business lawyers do not always understand this. However, a startup lawyer in California specializes in helping startups understand this and the unique needs and challenges startups can face in the beginning and as the business evolves. Although you may not know all the laws and regulations, a California startup lawyer is trained in the law, interpreting it, and guiding you through the legal landscape while protecting your assets and intellectual property.

Take a breath, and relax; we have listed the top eleven California startup lawyers for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

  1. Orange County Startup Council

The Orange County Startup Council (OCSC) is a local community service organization that connects high-tech, life sciences, and software and technology startups to resources, organizations, investors, and events that will assist them in growing their enterprises. The OCSC directory may help you identify a startup lawyer in California which best suits your business's needs.

  1. Stradling Yoca Carlson & Rauth, PC

Stradling Yoca, Carlson & Rauth, based in Orange County, has been a prominent business law practice for startups in various industries since its inception in 1975. They are renowned as a startup attorney in California, with competence in corporate, finance, and litigation activities for many businesses, from startup to incorporation to dealing with significant corporate transactions. They provide services to various technology firms and advise on intellectual property, privacy, and data security. Cannabis, life sciences, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology are some fields where their attorneys can also help businesses.

  1. Nelson Mullins

Nelson Mullins is a startup lawyer in California with extensive expertise working on economic development initiatives in the United States and over 20 other nations. They help businesses in various industries, including aerospace, agriculture, health sciences, consumer enterprises, and entrepreneurial technology, to mention a few, and the investors that back these entrepreneurs. Through their reasonable pricing structure, you will have access to skilled attorneys who will assist you in understanding the incentives of a business deal before committing, drafting agreements, understanding the laws and regulations, and advising you on any difficulties.

  1. Thoits Law

Thoits Law offers entrepreneurs a startup attorney in California that is experienced, approachable, analytical, and responsive. They will assist your organization in maintaining legal compliance while trading efficiently across the diversity of business decisions you encounter daily through their practical application of the law. No matter your operation, their attorneys will assist you in safeguarding your assets from the beginning, from completing the necessary paperwork to drafting and negotiating contracts. They recognize that the preservation of your firm depends on two factors: day-to-day commercial transactions and intellectual property protection.

  1. Verbeck Law

Verbeck Law recognizes the necessity for a specialist startup lawyer in California. They enjoy working with startups because of their unique economic condition and the fast-paced environment associated with startups. They will assist you with all your legal concerns, from formation to drafting contracts and agreements with vendors and venture capitalist financiers alike. Their lawyers are ready to assist you in drafting an operating agreement or a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement to protect your intellectual property from the start.

  1. Watkins Firm

The Watkins Firm offers entrepreneurs, as well as big organizations and institutions, a startup lawyer in California that cares just as much about their business as they do. They can help you with the registration documentation for your new business, negotiate and draft contracts, and aid you with employee relations. Their firm may also help you if you are involved in a contract dispute or are ready to sell your business and move on to your next enterprise.

  1. Finkel Law Group

Finkel Law Group offers companies with a startup attorney in California to help them on each step of their business growth through their multidisciplinary approach, depth, and breadth of practice. Their attorneys have expertise in information technology, e-commerce, e-learning, scientific equipment, media, real estate, insurance, and music, to mention a few. They'll help you negotiate and record transactions with investors and assist with employment matters, including hiring and compensating highly qualified personnel, protecting and commercializing your intellectual property, and structuring equity among the founders. Their experts will help you with legal challenges that emerge throughout your business's establishment, funding, expansion, and day-to-day operations.

  1. Vaughan & Ring

Vaughan & Ring equips businesses with a California startup lawyer by spending time with you to understand your business and aspirations. They will provide legal advice so that you may weigh the advantages and disadvantages of major decisions and make an educated decision. Their firm will consult with your accountant to determine the optimum business entity to protect your assets, limit risk, and deliver the most tax benefits to your business. With a combined expertise of fifty years, the firm can assist you on any issue your business may encounter as it evolves.

  1. Philo Law Firm PC

Philo Law Firm provides general representation to small enterprises not ready to engage a startup lawyer in California. They handle your outside legal contacts, enabling you to focus on your firm's growth. Their services include processing contracts and agreements, terms and conditions you'll need on a daily basis, such as terms of use, SaaS licensing agreements, privacy policies for your website and software apps, and advising you on the best intellectual property protections for your business.

  1. Carbon Law Group

Carbon Law Group provides small businesses with a trustworthy startup attorney in California that will assist you with all legal problems based on your individual business needs, goals, and industry. Through entity selection, they will aid you in limiting your liability and registering your firm in California or Delaware, assist you with agreements between yourself and investors, and introduce you to prospective funding sources from inside their trusted network. Their firm can also help you secure your intellectual property. They offer startups legal assistance on a fixed-fee approach.

  1. Weintraub Tobin

Weintraub Tobin is a startup attorney in California with over 80 attorneys in 5 locations specializing in 45 distinct practice areas. They help entrepreneurs make critical early-stage decisions such as entity selection, the optimal ownership structure, associated operational arrangements, licensing, and tax considerations. They can also assist you in preparing for seed and venture funding rounds. They will be at your side to represent you and secure the best possible outcome for your business in more specialist topics such as mediation and litigation. They work with diverse clients in manufacturing, agribusiness, entertainment, biotechnology, and technology.

A California Startup Lawyer is Your Business's Best Friend

Startups may start with a group of friend pooling ideas and resources who want to make the world more productive and better. With a California startup lawyer by your side from the beginning, you can build your business on a solid legal foundation. We understand the last thing you want to do is to spend time on preparing financial projections, and that's why we here at ProjectionHub created financial projection templates that cover more than 70 business types so that you can fill in the pre-populated Excel-based templates and save time and money when you're starting.

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