Founders Unseen #1: The Weird Company

June 6, 2022

Kyle Fawcett

Company Name: The Weird Company

Company Website:

About The Business: 

The Weird Company is a subscription based-marketing agency. We are giving services without any limitation to our clients. The one limitation is our client's marketing budget. How much they desire to spend. Instead of calculating solely on hours spent, we use factors like how much additional profit our clients will make because of our work.  No Long Term Contract. Cancel Anytime. No Service Limitation.

Founding Story:

We are located in New York. I started with a $500 monthly recurring for one client and then I reached 25 clients in first year without any marketing. I've been an entrepreneur for more than a decade. I wanted to create a company with value creation fundamentals. Before focusing on my financial numbers, I tried to think about how I could create more value than other agencies. What is the fair way to create an agency business model with a reasonable way for both clients and the agency that aligns with my personal values? A subscription-based marketing agency provides more services without any limitations for our clients. After we reach our goals, we can upgrade their package. It means we grow together.

About the Founder:

I'm a purpose-driven entrepreneur. I focus on conscious decisions about my life and business with high values and intention. There are three significant aspects of being an entrepreneur for me: Humanity, Character, and Vision. Here is where the Vision needs to be creative, Humanity should emphasize relationships, and Character goes hand-in-hand with integrity.

In this perspective and approach: The Weird Company is on a mission to help companies by providing high-quality e-commerce marketing agency services. Our Vision is to create and implement the most innovative marketing agency business model for our clients. We are calculating value before profit. It brings profit. I am board member of Conscious Capitalism New York Chapter.

We are featured in Yahoo Finance, online ABC news, and PR magazines as the best eCommerce marketing and development agency in New York.

Personally, I help entrepreneurs under the Hamdi Ulukaya Entrepreneurship organization as a mentor. I took place in seminars & conferences as a speaker & gave training on Online Marketing & Product Marketing Management under the name of Educative Career Institute in Istanbul, Kadir Has University, and Dogus University between 2008-2014

Duygu Ozen, Founder of The Weird Company

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