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Our Tailor-made Gym Market Research Reports Deliver Key Insights to Help You Grasp Your Local Market, Outperform Competitors, and Execute Data-Driven Business Strategies.

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Understanding Your Local Gym Landscape Can Be Tough...We're Here to Assist

From decoding your local gym market dynamics to making strategic decisions on where to locate your gym, our Gym Market Research Report is your secret weapon to confidently overcome these challenges.

Understand Your Competition

Gain in-depth insights into your competitors including keyword rankings and estimated foot traffic to their gym locations.

Select the Perfect Location

Receive comprehensive demographic data, customer heatmaps, and foot traffic estimates to identify the most promising location for your gym.

Recognize Market  Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding seasonal trends, keyword search volume, and advertising rates specific to the gym industry.

Our Gym Market Research Report is a game-changer for gyms. Our report offers:

Whether you're launching a new venture or looking to grow an existing one, our report equips you with the precise knowledge you need to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Keyword Research

Analysis of top-performing trends for the gym industry.

Advertising Costs

Digital advertising costs in your specific market.

Market Demand Trends

Crucial data on market demand and your industry trends.

Competitor Analysis

An in-depth examination of your selected competitors.

Site Location Analysis

Detailed heatmaps of customer locations and estimated foot traffic.

Demographic Breakdown

Get a summary of the local population and relevant demographic data.

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Watch as Adam demonstrates how the reports are made and what is included!

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Why Us?

ProjectionHub has a proud history of helping more than 50,000 businesses across various industries to craft accurate financial projections. This process includes understanding industry-specific and demographic assumptions to calculate realistic forecasts.

ProjectionHub has also formed a partnership with Advan Research to gain access to powerful foot traffic data for nearly any physical location in the United States and Canada. With their technology and our experience related to understanding various industry assumptions, you can trust your market research report will be powerful and insightful!

Adam Hoeksema
Co Founder
In addition to helping tens of thousands of businesses create financial projections, Adam also served as executive director for more than a decade at an SBA Microlender & CDFI where he helped small businesses apply and get approved for business loans by reviewing their financials and business plans.
Grace Cisna
Lead Financial Modeler
Grace served as an auditor for a public accounting firm auditing many different industry business plans and working on many financial models before joining ProjectionHub. With projectionHub she has build hundreds of custom financial models and hundreds of industry financial projection templates which have been used by thousands of businenesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information do I need to provide for the report?

You'll need to provide specifics about your gym, your target market, and the competitors you'd like us to investigate. The more precise you are, the more personalized and beneficial your report will be. Our team will guide you through the data collection process to ensure we have everything we need.

How will your report help me understand my target demographic better?

Our report includes a comprehensive demographic analysis that highlights the preferences, habits, and trends of your target members. This knowledge is critical in crafting effective marketing strategies, tailoring your services, and choosing the best location for your customers..

What if my gym operates in a niche market?

Our team has experience in conducting market research across diverse niches. Regardless of your gym's uniqueness, we'll deliver a report that's tailored to your specific circumstances and provides actionable insights for your business.

What does "target location" mean in the gym market research report?

The purpose of the target location is dependent on the primary purpose of the research report and the customers unique situation. For example, if you are an established business, you may not care to know the foot traffic data to the building you are already located in. Or if you are looking for a potential site to open with or move to, it would not be helpful to know the foot traffic data of that location if it had been a different type of business or vacant before. The target location can be a competitor, comparable business, nearby business to a target location, nearby mall, nearby attraction, etc.

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