ProjectionHub is a web app
used by entrepreneurs to
create financial projections
without the need to have a
PhD in spreadsheet modeling
create financial projections
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About ProjectionHub

ProjectionHub is a web application that helps entrepreneurs create financial projections for business plans, loan applications, and potential investors. Our tool is a simpler alternative to the complex and confusing
spreadsheet templates that most business owners and advisors use to create projections. Click here to see a PDF example of the Excel file financial projections that are created when you use ProjectionHub.

How ProjectionHub Works

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"Initially, Fathom Voice created a complex set of investor documents, but this turned out to be a mistake, as they were not in a standard format for Angel investors. I needed a product that would display our financials in an easily digestible, standard format, ProjectionHub was the perfect solution."

- Bracken Fields, Co-Founder of Fathom Voice

"ProjectionHub has been great in helping us build our financial projections. It takes care of the details and gives you a very complete, realistic and simple picture of your financials. Kudos to the team for building such an easy to use and comprehensive tool."

- Mokhtar Yaveri, Quench Solutions