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Download the simple ecommerce revenue projections template and use it to create up to 12 months of sales projections for your ecommerce startup.  The ecommerce revenue model allows you to drive customer acquisition through both organic traffic and paid ads, add your expected conversion rate and typical order value to generate sales projections quickly.  Key features include:

  • Works in Excel and Google Sheets
  • 12 months of ecommerce sales projections
  • Video walkthrough of the ecommerce sales forecast template 

The free ecommerce revenue forecast template gives you a sneak preview of our premium Ecommerce Financial Model.

Ecommerce Sales Projection Template FAQs

What is the typical conversion rate for ecommerce businesses? 

According to Bigcommerce, the average conversion rate for an ecommerce business is between 2.5 and 3%. 

What is the average order value for an ecommerce website?

According to Oberlo, the average ecommerce order value in 2022 was approximately $115. 

What is a realistic sales projection for an ecommerce startup? 

According to our study of 234 tech startups, the average ecommerce startup revenue for companies less than 2 years old was $934,000. 

How fast do ecommerce startups typically grow? 

From a revenue perspective, ecommerce startups tend to grow faster than their other tech startup counterparts.  In fact, our study of 234 tech startups showed that D2C ecommerce companies were faster to reach $1 million in annual revenue than SaaS or Marketplace startups. 

Ecommerce Revenue Modeling Services

For ecommerce financial models that don’t match our ecommerce sales projection spreadsheet, we are happy to help customize an ecommerce financial model. Let us know how we can help!

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