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Financial Projection Template

Create investor-ready financial projections for your Cloud / Ghost Kitchen in an afternoon. Fully editable 5 year Cloud / Ghost Kitchen including monthly and annual income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet projections.

5 Year Projected Financial Statements
CPA Developed & Completely Customizable
Charts and Graphs for your Pitch Deck
Excel & Google Sheets
Video Guide Included
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More Than "Just a Template"

If you purchase this template, you'll receive more than just the template file. You also receive the support and expertise of our team!

Human support

If you have questions at any point about how to use your template, troubleshooting an issue, or need some general guidance, a real human on our team will provide direct and timely support until your issue is resolved! Support is provided over live chat, email, and we can record custom videos to demonstrate solutions to your problems.

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A customer testimonial

Expert Review & Feedback

Between Adam’s 10+ years of experience making SBA loans, Grace’s experience as a CPA building custom financial models for tech businesses and real estate developers raising investment, and the rest of our team’s experience helping thousands of customers - you can be sure you’re going to be taken care of! We offer complimentary projection reviews and have access to helpful SBA & industry data to make sure your projections are ready for action.

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No need to worry...

Creating projections can feel like a tall task. Our one of a kind template, process, and support make creating projections easy, fast, and ready for exactly what you need.

Grace is our resident number person, CPA, and spreadsheet guru.
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Adam spent 10+ years as an SBA lender, closing over 1,500 SBA loans.
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Don't worry... we're here to help!

Creating projections can feel like a tall task. Our one of a kind template, process, and support make creating projections easy, fast, and ready for exactly what you need.

"Is this what my investor wants?"

Grace is our in-house CPA and takes the lead on our custom financial modeling where she has helped hundreds of tech startups and real estate developers build custom financial models to raise investment. She has built our entire library of projection templates to produce quality investor-ready financial data!

"Is this what my lender wants?"

With our team’s experience of more than 10 years making SBA loans, we know what lenders are looking for in projections and this template will produce what they need in an impressive format. We even have lenders that use our templates themselves!

"I'm not a numbers person."

Support is Included with Purchase! We provide free support. Just send us your questions and your file and we will record a custom video to answer your specific questions and demonstrate on video.

"What if I do something wrong?"

In addition to our free support while you fill out the template, you also receive a complimentary review of your completed projections with your purchase. So, you can have one of our experts double check your work to make sure your projections are ready to go.

"What if I break something in the template?"

As long as you don’t delete sections of the template and you only edit the blue cells, it is unlikely that you will break anything, BUT if you do, just send us your file and we can troubleshoot for free or provide a fresh copy.

"What if I can't figure out how to fill it out?"

We have a free demo video that walks you through the template tab by tab to help get you started. Our support is also available to answer any questions as you go. Thousands of other business owners have created their projections, you can too!

"What if I'm not a numbers person?"

Support is Included with Purchase! We provide free support. Just send us your questions and your file and we will record a custom video to answer your specific questions and demonstrate on video.

Our expert team is here to help!

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Grace is our resident number person, CPA, and spreadsheet guru.
headshot of Grace the CPA
Adam spent 10+ years as an SBA lender, closing over 1,500 SBA loans.
Headshot of Adam, the founder

Don't just take our word

6,000+ founders, owners, and advisors have successfully created projections for  SBA loans, pitch decks, and business plans with a 97%+ success rate.

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A customer testimonialA customer testimonial
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How Does the Process Work?

Simplicity is the name of the game. Don't forget, our support experts are standing by to answer questions, troubleshoot, and review your projections!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want this purchase to be a no-brainer for you. If you try the template, watch the video guide, try to use our support and still don't find the template useful, we'll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of purchase.

Cloud / Ghost Kitchen
Projection Template
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Human Support Included
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100% money-back guarantee for 30 days!
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Extremely satisfied with the service! They worked with me to my exact needs for my business. I would definitely recommend Projection Hub to assist with any financial projections you may need tailored for your business! Thanks again!

Kajad Alobeyo

Runner Brothers LLC

"I would hands down purchase it again, and we have found it useful to plan our brewery and our finances. We have had a professional brewery consultant review our projections, and he was very impressed and stated, "that we are much further along and detailed than most businesses at this stage."

Wood Duck Brewing Company

Founder, Wood Duck Brewing Company

I have been looking for just this type of template for quite some time. It helped me get a better idea of the potential of this business without me having to do the math. I know that I am still estimating the basic buildout costs but it is a much better picture and much easier to share with prospective investors. I consulted the support and was very impressed with how the response was handled...a customized video directly addressing my questions.

Jann Boggs

We are a current business, having been in business for over 5 years. Because of the changes going on in the HVAC Industry and having great environmentally friendly products, we have an opportunity to grow greatly. So, ProjectionHub helped us to adjust our projections to meet exactly what we were looking for and the result is exactly what I wanted to get at. Within 24 hours I was able to get the projection sheet I needed to do what I need to do. The ease and accuracy of what I wanted has reduced my stress level greatly. A lot of it is thanks to Adam helping me directly to get exactly what I needed.

David Smith

Xantus LLC

I didn't realize just how in-depth this file would go, but I am very pleasantly surprised! It helps answer all my questions and makes me feel confident in my projections and analyses. I ended up having a couple questions, but the support I received was phenomenal. I wouldn't say I'm as advanced in Excel as this group, but I'm not a beginner either. I was afraid of breaking formulas and saw some areas that I wasn't following, but the two individuals I spoke with were very kind and accommodating. They used visuals to walk me through the answers and functionality - which is perfect for me, a visual learner. Not something you get in our new "virtual" world. Very impressed! Thank you!

Kelly Speer

"Adam and Grace have done an exceptional job of putting together a rock solid starting point for both new founders and existing breweries aiming to acquire funding. They're our go-to referral partner for brewery owners and operators looking to build reliable projections. "

Chris Farmand

Small Batch Standard, Founder and CEO

The boutique hotel template was exactly what I needed to evaluate my own project. I really appreciated the suggested inputs that were already in the template, and the ProjectHub team were great to work with when I had any questions.

George Doubleday

”ProjectionHub was so helpful and they got me the projections I needed for my restaurant very quickly. The file looked professional and was ready to send to my bank! I didn’t know where to begin with creating projections, and I’m not very skilled in Excel, but ProjectionHub did all the hard work for me. You are a God send..."

Mariea Lweis

Founder, Grill Forty Eight

“ProjectionHub built projections for my online platform before I pitched to investors. Their model has everything you need – a full revenue model, models for operating expenses, investments, asset purchases, employee expenses, dividends, etc., which all work together to create your projected financial statements. The final product was easy to read and follow and helped me tell the story of my business to potential investors."

Lavell Juan

Founder & CEO, Brag House

Adam was great! He returned with to my concerns with lightning-fast speed, and all questions asked were answered with simplicity and kindness. Thanks again, Adam!

Danielle Capwell

This template helped me so much when preparing my projections for a business expansion, and when I was unsure or just had a few questions Adam was very quick to help me out. Well worth the money

Jamie Ramos


Is this a subscription or one time payment?

One time payment! Once you purchase your template, it is yours to use for good. And we will always provide support if you revisit the template many times in the future.

What if I don’t have Excel?

That’s okay! The templates are compatible with Google Sheets which is a free alternative to Excel that anyone can access. Instructions on how to open your file in Google Sheets are included with your purchase.

How do I claim the Refund Guarantee?

 If you don’t think that the template is working for you or is right for you, simply contact or support team at to tell us what issue you are experiencing. Our team will do our best to try and equip you with a better template, fix the issue you are experiencing, and ultimately provide a refund if we cannot meet your needs with 30 days of purchase.

Does this template work for Startups and Existing Businesses?

This template works best for any Cloud / Ghost Kitchen or ones that would like to create projections from scratch. If you have historical financial data that you’d like to input and build your projections from, we have a template specifically for Existing Businesses Here as well as one specifically for Acquisitions Here if you are looking to buy an existing Cloud / Ghost Kitchen.

What if I need my template customized or modified for my exact situation?

You are in luck! First, we will do our best to guide you through any simple modification or workaround to achieve what you are wanting to do. If what you want is a bit more complex, we do have modification and custom model services available and we can provide you with a custom quote for those changes.

Still have questions?

Contact us here, through the live chat, or email us at!